Next Horde Warchief?

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What the people want: Saurfang.

What the edgelords want: Lich Queen Sylvanas

What Blizzard will do: Gallywix so he can fix the Horde's economy.
Saurfang used to be a good choice. But now I can’t see him as anything but a fragile coward who swings an axe well.

Baine disgusts me in every aspect. At every turn he seems to care more for his enemies than his own people.

Lor’themar is the only half-decent choice on your list. But being ruled over by a post Vanilla race doesn’t sit right with me.

I would also back Eitrigg btw because unlike Saurfang, Eitrigg never abandoned us.
09/30/2018 07:41 AMPosted by Pogoo
• Queen Talanji
• Loa Vol'jin
• Nathanos
• Baine
• Saurfang
• Gallawix
• Trall
• Trall Son
• Thalyssra
• Lor'themar Theron
• Ji Firepaw
• Lady Liadrin
• Zappy Boi

Any of the allied race leaders I feel are to new. Zappy boi is just a meme. Ji is useless. Baine is a coward. Saurfang better be dying. I don't see loa voljin becoming warchief.

In order from most to least likely of what's left:

Lorthemar = liadrin, nathan, thrall/his son.
Sylvanas Windrunner
09/30/2018 08:03 AMPosted by Onedown
I dont understand why sylvanas had to go and screw everything up with her personal missions..

For the longest time I wanted undead to have a big part, but not in a bad way..

Too late we look bad again.

dude. look in the mirror. you look terrible. what with all the fleshy bits falling off and protruding bones.....
09/30/2018 07:53 AMPosted by Karat
09/30/2018 07:47 AMPosted by Syegfryed
there only 2 options in your list

Saurfang or Thrall

Yeah, willingness to abandon the Horde because your feelings are hurt is one of my top criteria too.

Saurfang realized how bad Sylvannas was to the horde. Get over it, she's bad news.
King Anduin will be the next 'Warchief' after the Horde is crushed and surrenders unconditionally to the Alliance.
09/30/2018 07:59 AMPosted by Alerka
Doesn’t matter who they choose. They will just ruin the character and the lore with thier ridiculous writing.

Or get killed in the first five seconds of the next expansion so they can push in another genocidal maniac.
Who is Trall?
The Horde playerbase as a whole doesn't want Saurfang or Baine.
The Alliance are the people who want one of those.
Vol'jin isn't apart of the horde anymore.

He dead AF.
09/30/2018 12:00 PMPosted by Daddy
Vol'jin isn't apart of the horde anymore.

He dead AF.

Does that mean the Alliance don't get Calia Menethil?
How I think it will play out. Sylvanas will redeem herself somehow, maybe saving the alliance and horde from an attack from notthrend and steps down as war chief. Saurfang dies in same battle. Thrall heard about the the death and realized the horde need him and becomes war chief
Garrona Halforcen
According to the storyline, I think it's Anduin Wrynn, and I'm gonna quit.
Who tf is Trall?
If you pay attention you'll see that Blizz has intentionally cleared the way for Thrall to return to his post as Warchief. And it's pretty much been confirmed when he was said to be one of the main characters in the Expansion alongside Jaina, Anduin, Sylvanas, and Vol'jin.

So, let's take a look at what's been done to the Horde leaders that gives more Take a look at all the leaders, every single one has major flaws preventing them from being a good Warchief.

For example:

-Baine is too naive and too afraid to lead an uprising
-Nathanos is with Sylvanas
-Sylvanas is Sylvanas
-Saurfang doesn't want to be Warchief, and is too quick to drop out of the Horde.
-Gallywix is greedy
-Lor'themar.... this is my opinion, but I just don't see him as Warchief. And he's had zero development this expansion.
-Allied Races just joined the Horde
-Vol'jin isn't dead, or alive.

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