King of the Hollow 3v3 Tournament

Introducing week #9 of Resurgent eSports Broadcasting weekly 3v3 tournament: The Kings of the Hollow

When it happens:

Every single Monday night @ 7pm EST.

To help us make this flow as best as possible if you know you’d like to be there, please be a few minutes early and drop a message to an admin in our discord or leave a message in the Arena forum on our Discord.

How it works:
Any player, with or without a team (yes that means you can come by yourself and still play), can be a part of this community event!

We stream it live and commentate the games, and usually hand out 50k+ in gold to the winners.

Visit our website for more fun PvP events and broadcasts!


Our discord link is:
This is pretty awesome! I'll make it there whenever I can, excited for the next event :D
Game day bump !
Can OCE players join?
Thanks for putting this on! Can you elaborate on the solo player experience?
This is actually a really cool concept
Yep! So you can come by yourself or with a team. If you want to play you simply just have to show up. We make as even teams as possible, however if you bring a team you can queue with the team you bring. Once the teams are made as evenly as possible the tournament begins, broadcasted live and commentated, with live bracket/standings updates. :)
It's great to see these events being run consistently

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