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considering the nearly daily changes to values of traits they should offer free reforging everytime they do it.

What can you expect from 'dartboard developers'?
09/25/2018 01:32 PMPosted by Morgueart
What can you expect from 'dartboard developers'?
It's a wheel of fortune, not dartboard :)
Crazy idea: let us respec traits for free as long as we're in a rested xp area.

The purpose of increasing respec cost is to discourage us from swapping traits too often. But there is a problem with that.

Blizzard is balancing traits so that Ilvl > traits. They want the highest Ilvl azerite peace to be a clear cut winner in every situation for every spec. Youre locked into your highest Ilvl azerite pieces and have to respec the traits every time you change specs.

Easy fix: Give players complete freedom to play their class. Don't pigeonhole players into playing a single spec. How does it hurt anyone other than the player to be pressured I to maining a spec not a class?
09/25/2018 12:04 PMPosted by Palamx
Why in the hell should it cost us 5k+ gold to reforge traits, blizzard really wants us to choose to either be better built for 1 spec and GIMPED for our offspec?!?! why not allow us to swap traits around on a daily basis for either DPS/healing/tanking for M + or raids, why make us stuck using say healing traits for when we go dps or tanking, just a terrible system, a simple Tome to allow us to change traits would be great, or even not make the GOLD cost INCREASE INTO THE THOUSANDS. As if pots/flasks/augments didnt cost enough gold.

How about this which would save a lot of trouble, but probably have some hot fixing. When we switch specs the traits resets only for that specific spec. That way we save space in our bags. As for reforge price leave that alone because we won't be using it much when we get a brand new set or testing around traits. I would not be surprise if this suggestion was suggested during beta phases.
09/25/2018 01:23 PMPosted by Palamx
09/25/2018 01:13 PMPosted by Nadirah
Get more than one set of gear like the rest of us.

your using 340s.. do you not realize when you get Heroic + azerite gear having base 370 beats out 340 bis traits. so uh good luck having multiple 370+ sets at this point, going to be awhile

he plays huntard, forgive him.
09/25/2018 12:08 PMPosted by Sairadoka
Are you talking about reforging your Azerite traits?

The value will reset to 5g if you can go 72 hours without reforging.

-save later Azerite gear for specific situations.

Unless my math is wrong you're telling us you've reforged a trait ELEVEN times in the past three days.

No.It DECAYS every 3 days.
09/25/2018 12:35 PMPosted by Cäynä
Working as intended. You're not supposed to reforge THAT much.

why shouldnt we be able to swap traits that benefit us best for what we do, whether is dps/tank or healing and PVP, M + or Raids, why should we even be forced to carry multiple peices of BIS azerite gear when we already have a BIS one equip but Cant switch traits because it raises Gold cost each time, why not just make it like a tome use, or even the Vender cost doesnt increase each time. and you really think swapping traits 1-3 times per week is TOO OFTEN? then i guess you dont do any content.

Because the system wasn't designed to work that way. If you switch a couple of times a week the cost won't be very high. People who think the have to reforge everytime they switch are the reason for the high cost.
I just reforged an item for the 8th time since I started BfA. It cost 5g.
09/25/2018 02:43 PMPosted by Fugubar
I just reforged an item for the 8th time since I started BfA. It cost 5g.
good for you, the casual life doesnt really need to swap stuff often, not allowed to min/max anymore
hi sgmx
I honestly do think they should drop the reforging cost until they stop tweaking Traits to the tune of 60-100% buffs in strength. Like every few days or min once a week we see new tweaks to them which should be followed by dropping the reforging cost back to its minimum for everyone.
09/25/2018 12:05 PMPosted by Felsavior
Or pick generics like me, idc if it's not optimal.

yeah but for people who want to do stuff in game beyond LFR and heroic dungeons, they have to care.

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