Wow companion app bug with recruits

Mobile Bug Report
I've lost a bunch of troops and resources today. In app, everytime a click on a troop that is ready, it doesn't get sent to my troop list, and upon reloading the app, the troop slot is now empty, ready to be recruited.

I nearly emptied out my resources over the course of the day before I realized what was happening.

I haven't tried picking them up in game yet.

This started with the reset today, no idea if it's related.
Same happened to me
It just happened to me. I have the expanded barracks (6 troop slots). I had 4 waiting to be activated, and I clicked to activate them all. I started training another troop, but the 4 troops never went past their "loading" animation. I went to the character select list, and chose the same character again, those 4 troops slots were empty (there was the existing troop, and one troop in training).
This is the first time I've noticed it happening. I'm running the app on a MEMU emulator.

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