Rp on FM and SC

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Hello all. I use to be on feathermoon a long time ago. I wanted to ask if there was still rp on the server? I haven't been on Feathermoon in over 10 years, and I left due to some people on the server (Gold being stolen and this said person getting me into trouble.) Lately I have been bored and I am looking to make some toons on different servers to check out some of the rp.

I've been rping for a long time, and I am rather decent at it. I know some lore, but I thought I'd ask about the rp on both servers.
I've been out of the RP loop for a long time, so I'm trying the communities route personally.

There are folk.

Personally, I prefer to play the game and stay in character, so it isn't as much RP as in-character questing &c, but feel free to ping me when you see me on.

Using totalRP atm, writing backstory &c. It's a cheap fix when no one actually wants to interact in character, lol

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