Daniel Poole Talking in Kul Tiras Arena

Please for the love of god stop this talking at the start of the match.

It is so bad and annoying.

Yea, its fcn tilting legit. Give a mute option / turn down the volume / remove.
While you are at it stop the Mugambala talking Troll too
I like it.
wasn't even aware there was some guy talking in hook point, been stuck on the loading screen since its debut
It is more cancerous than an asbestos coated tanning bed
do you guys just not like fun? the arena audio is great on all the maps.
After hearing Poole for the thousandth time - no its so annoying
People will cry about something no matter what it is
you can turn voices off btw
You know that the blizzd voice actors / sound engineers are back on the hazza pullin sht like this.
if only you could turn off dialogue
oh wait

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