[A] The Outreach Program

Aerie Peak
We are a small casual family orientated guild looking to grow and experience the game at a casual pace as life allows. We raid two nights a week. Friday 5-7:30 pm and Saturday 5-7:30 pm server time. We are not hardcore. If we kill bosses, Great. If not, we keep trying. We just want to enjoy the game as kids and family time allows. No attendance requirements. No raiding requirements. No experience required. All are welcome. Lets just try to have fun playing the game we all enjoy :)

We are currently 5/8 in normal Uldir. We are looking for mostly ranged dps (melee is okay too.) Just need to be 325 item level and be willing to wipe and have fun with the rest us.

Feel free to message me over battlenet or ingame. btag is: DarkPaladin#11380
You guys still recruiting I’m 5/8H Uldir so I can help with raid strategies and such. I transferred to Aerie Peak. I’m in a guild right now but there is basically no one ever on to do anything with. You can message me in game btag Crazyirish61#1337

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