Warlocks and Death Knights

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09/21/2018 04:01 PMPosted by Lore
Note that we’re planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight).

It's been 10 days.

We've gone through two arena tournaments where renowned warlocks and DKs have sat on the bench, quickly died with OP tank trinkets, or rerolled to other classes to compete.

We're about to enter the 5th week of the PvP season. Other classes have gotten a 4-week head start on pushing high ratings and farming high ilevel gear.

How much longer do warlocks and DKs have to wait for buffs in PvP?
8.1'll fix it, don't you worry.. probably.
Buff locks and death knights and while we’re at it

10/01/2018 01:37 PMPosted by Vendors
Buff locks and death knights and while we’re at it


Best char name ever
What about Monks? Don't forget to include them!
10/01/2018 02:25 PMPosted by Lightvoìd
What about Monks? Don't forget to include them!

Sorry, Lore didn't specifically mention Monks 10 days ago.
aff has been in the dump since release of BFA PVP wise.

It's not 10 days, is over a month for them.
Latest blue post sounds like warlocks and dks aren't even close to being the focus of class reworks/8.1.

Keep in mind this is still super early info! If the team is committed to making class reworks due to mechanical issues that Shamans, Prot Warriors, Shadow Priests, and (insert your class here) are asking for, then those take a little longer and start coming in later during PTR.

Shamans really need a rework. There is a rock solid 3 second window in between grounding/interrupt/stun/reflect and disorient where they are vulnerable to enemy casters.
I guess they've been busy with epic bgs.
10/01/2018 06:04 PMPosted by Ythisens
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to pop in here and give you guys a quick update on some new tuning changes to Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest which will be live momentarily.

Alterac Valley

For Battle for Azeroth, we’ve put scaling on the creatures to make them more of a consistent challenge . Our intent is that the gameplay experience of Alterac Valley remains consistent, as in the creatures remain a challenge as your gear progresses. This system was in place at launch, but we’ve discovered a bug with the scaling which we’ve sent a hotfix for. In short, the creatures should now feel similar as they did during during the beginning of the expansion. Let us know how it feels!

Isle of Conquest

We’ve reduced the damage the Siege Engine and Demolishers deal to players and to the Keep Cannons. This should reduce the power of the Workshop and bolster defense up.

Thanks everyone for your continued feedback to Epic Battlegrounds, and we hope to share with you our future plans of new Battlegrounds we intend to add to the Epic Battlegrounds queue soon.
We've had this discussion so many times...

"Soon means soon".
Ain't going to happen. They decided to spit into dk and locks faces. Show them the big finger.
Still waiting btw... Might as well delete these classes off pvp options already.
The expansion has been out for almost 2 months, and 10 days ago we were told changes will be coming "in a near future"... not a single word about it has been said yet. We're completely in the dark about what they're testing (if anything is being tested AT ALL)
Yeah some buffs would be gucci. Personally, since DKs are supposed to be sort of a slow and hulking powerhouse, we should have some defensives buffed. I would love it if they beefed up death strike to make us more survivable, it would play into the DK fantasy of a melee magic 2h powerhouse who drains health to sustain. I don't necessarily want more walls to pop, just perhaps reduce the CD of IBF and give us more health/sheild on death strikes or even just lower its resource cost. I already love the UH playstyle and man itd be amazing if death strike felt more impactful.
LUL locks are so behind the season with rating due to them being paper punching bags it is not even funny.
Spent 3 hours yesterday in lfg... didn’t get one bite. So toxic.
Week 5...
Imagine if we still had class elite sets and it was still gated behind 2k there would be like 4 warlocks with it unlocked lol
To be fair anything not paired with a mut rogue may as well have been on the bench

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