[A] <Wicked Claw> 8/8H, LF Melee

Faction: Alliance
Server: Lightbringer

We're looking for 2-3 melee DPS for our Heroic raiding team.

Our guild has 2 raiding teams, one for Heroic and another for Mythic. This post is for the Heroic team. We're currently at 16 players, if we have a team of 20, we'll do Mythic bosses but hardcore Mythic progression is not a priority.

About us:
This is an old guild dating back to 2008. Most of us are working professionals or college students. We consider ourselves casual raiders but we do hold minimum DPS requirements for raiding. In Legion we reached AOTC on alts at the Heroic Raiding level.

Raid Times:
Sat/Sun, 6:30PM-9:00PM server time (Pacific)

Loot is personal except for BOE's which the guild uses to pay for cauldrons and other things. Everyone is responsible for prepots/mana pots, however the guild makes these available at a subsidized cost.

What we need:
The average ilvl of the raid group is 370. The ideal candidate would be no more than 5 item lower and it would be either a DK or a warrior - however, we will consider other awesome players. Good attitude is required because this is a chill group.

Additional Info
We use discord. Being able to talk is extremely useful and required.

If interested, please whisper Yosana, Ayl/Miz, Zoobí, or Furyosá.
And... you would get to raid with Yosana, who is a fun and great person!
If you get a few extra dps and need a healer to balance things out, be sure to update this post. Going to keep an eye on it just in case.

Yo Kim! :DDDD
I'll ask our Raid Leader, Raxah, if he's planning on adding a healer to the team once we recruit the DPS that we need. Thank you.
8/8 Heroic now, And still looking.

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