Old Guildmates from The Privateers

Hydraxis and Terenas
Back during Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King I ran a small, friendly guild with some of the most awesome people ever. Trying to reach out and see if any of them still play...

We went through Karazahan, Zul Amon, Naxx, Ulduar, etc...

Tim & Pam, a married couple. Pam and I did a ton of Arenas with her Warlock and my priest. You were great guild mates!

Dwaine, you had a mage and five-boxed warlocks while I five-boxed Shaman. You were a great guild mate!

Ramrod, I can't remember your real life name for anything! But you were an awesome Tauren Hunter and you were starting some other Tauren Alts. You were a great guild mate!

Brienna, you were a stay-at-home woman who enjoyed crafting and helping out the guild. You were always upbeat and fun. You were a great guild mate!

If any of you are still playing, please reach out. I'm starting a new guild (Uldum/Antonidas) and would love for one of your alts to swing over the fence and join in some good fun!

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