GetAutoCompletePresenceID() broken?

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Prior to 8.0 I could give GetAutoCompletePresenceID() a bnet friend name and it would return the PresenceID, but now it returns nil with valid bnet friend names. I checked the Blizzard interface code and it shows it should still be working the same but it doesn't, I couldn't find any docs about it being changed either, is it broken?
I don't know this particular API but with some there's now a load step that has to happen first - a "go get the data" step.

The existing API call would (if the pattern holds) but there'd be an additional step first.

You might dig a little deeper into FrameXML and trace backwards through it to see if something pops up.

You can find a copy fo the current (and I think EVERY) version of FrameXML here:
What is the actual code you are using?
Ehiztari you're right about it needing to get data via ShowFriends() first but I'm doing that. Say you have a bnet friend Joe#1234, I have a command in my addon "/bnetinv Joe" that invites all characters Joe#1234 is online with, it makes things easier since a bunch of us friends have multiple accounts.

Here's the start of the func.
function SlashCmdList.BNETINVITECMD(msg, editBox)
local presenceID = GetAutoCompletePresenceID(msg)
--Then under here is a bunch of stuff to cycle the online chars and inv them.

It worked for a long time then recently the presenceID starting showing up as nil.
GetAutoCompletePresenceID() only appears in FrameXML in one location - and there it's wrapped up by BNet_GetBNetIDAccount().

Literally, this:function BNet_GetBNetIDAccount(name)
return GetAutoCompletePresenceID(name);
Why Blizzard didn't just do this . . .BNet_GetBNetIDAccount = GetAutoCompletePresenceID. . . I have no idea.
It works just fine on MY friends, but it does not appear to work on MY FRIEND'S friends.

I wonder if Blizzard nerf'd that.
10/05/2018 05:23 AMPosted by Ehiztari
It works just fine on MY friends, but it does not appear to work on MY FRIEND'S friends.

I wonder if Blizzard nerf'd that.

Doesn't even work on my actual friends currently, it did the last time I used it a few months ago though. Nothing that I know of has changed, it's a really basic func. :/
After having run ShowFriends() in a prior command, I tested with this part:

/run print(GetAutoCompletePresenceID("One of my Battletag Friend's Names'))

That worked just fine.

I then used the existing social interface to find the friends of that friend and tried it on their names and not one of them worked.

But if you can't get past the first step, there might be something else going on.

I can tell you unequivocally that the command as shown here works.

If it's not working for you, we might need to see the rest of that code you've not yet shown us.

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