<Banter> NZ/AU Barthilas - 6pm-9pm SVT

<Banter> @Barthilas-[H] is a newly formed AUS/NZ Mythic Plus/Raiding guild (With NZ Friendly times).

About us:
Formed by mythic experienced raiders, we are looking for players to join us for high Mythic Plus and Heroic raiding. We operate in a drama free zone, where any individual will be able to progress in terms of skill, while still having the most important aspect of a game: Fun!

Raid times:
We raid on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6pm - 9pm AEST.

We are looking for reliable, loyal, fun and mature people to make the team and the guild a happy place and a home to be in, where content is as important as the social aspect. We welcome anyone that is passionate about mythic+ and raiding, be it someone that just came back to the game, someone that just started or a seasoned player

Verminus - Mazza#1203
Gerbo - TurboGerbo#11158
Any room for an Arms warrior?
Hey Gear, yea bro, hit me up when you are online. Cheers

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