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Are you looking for an adult raiding guild filled with skilled players who genuinely enjoy each other's company? If so, OE2 could be for you! We are a second progression-minded team, recently formed under the long standing Occasional Excellence guild tag.

Website: http://occasional-excellence.us/
Discord: https://discord.gg/YwG7fv8

Raid Days/Times: Friday (8:00-12:00 PM EST) and Sunday (7:00pm-10:00 PM EST)

Recruitment Needs:
-Healer (Any class)

-Ranged DPS (Boomkin/Shadow Priest)

* All exceptional players may still apply *

<<Occasional Excellence – Quality Raiding on a Casual Schedule>>

OE2 is a Mythic progression raiding guild on Turalyon. We are a semi-hardcore progression guild on a casual (7 hour) schedule that believes in raiding smarter, not harder.

If you have strong situational awareness, know your class inside and out, and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, OE might be the place for you! Check us out at Occasional-Excellence.enjin.com. Alternatively, contact Rythgar (Omnious#1411), Jariyah (Jariyah#1831) or any of our members in game with any questions.

<<Raid Schedule>>

OE2 has two core raid nights per week – Friday (8:00-12:00 PM EST) and Sunday (7:00pm-10:00 PM EST). Our team is comprised mostly of working adults, so we are respectful of raid end times and do not extend past those hours at launch or for progression.

<<About Us>>

OE2 and the Occasional Excellence community is comprised of adult, mature raiders that share a common vision: a skilled, progression raiding environment with a reasonable raiding schedule. We take raiding seriously and progress quickly, but we refuse to lose sight of what’s truly important – having fun and maintaining balance. We are an all adult guild, 18+ required/21+ preferred. We have grown up together playing WoW, with an average age of late 20s/early 30s.

OE guild members are working adults and act like adults. We treat each other with respect, and in doing so, earn it. From the raid leader down to trial members, you can expect a calm, cool, and collected demeanor and a respectful tone at all times. If you enjoy linking meters and raging at team members during progression, then this guild is NOT for you. If you thrive with a bit of constructive criticism and understand that raiding takes a whole team, not just one elite dps/tank/healer, then keep reading!

OE is a guild comprised of skilled raiders who are experts on their preferred class and often many other classes. We are proud to have several class forum moderators, gaming journalists, simulationcraft class experts, and MDI finalists within our guild community. We expect our raiders to remain current with their theorycrafting and to min/max in every reasonable way. Our raiders have strong situational awareness and are always looking for ways to improve.

The combination of this talent and significant preparation before raid has led to a long history of successful raiding, both as a team and as individuals, which we intend to continue through the creation of our 2nd raiding team.

While we only have two required raid nights, OE is a very active guild on off nights. Our members can be found in Discord chatting, participating in alt raids, running 5 man content, completing achievements, or doing PvP any night/day of the week.

From our experience, we can honestly say that Occasional Excellence is probably unlike any community you have ever been a part of. If it sounds like it might be for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the website, in game, or on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/YwG7fv8). We look forward to meeting you!
Updated recruitment needs as some positions have been filled.
Updated recruitment needs.
Good luck on G'huun.
Updated recruitment needs, mainly just a healer at this point.
duh hello~
4/8M now. up you go!
Updated Progression and Recruitment Needs.

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