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Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Nightmare is a newly formed guild that aims for a semi-hardcore raid experience. Taking a old-school approach, we are looking to kill things and doing it fast. Most of us are long time players dating back to the early times of World of Warcraft.

Raid times: Tuesday/Wed 8:30pm - 11pm CST.

Currently Recruiting: (as of Oct 3rd)
-Holy paladin
-Holy priest
-Range DPS (warlock, mage, druid, shaman, hunter)

What we expect from you:
- Have DBM and Discord installed
- Maturity. The ability to respect your fellow guildmates regardless of their opinions and playstyle. Don't be afraid to give your input and be able to take criticism.
- Dedication. Raiding is a team game that requires cohesion and effort on everyone's behalf, inside and outside the instance. We understand real life can get in the way, so let us know so we can accommodate.
- Ability. Have a strong knowledge of your class, Be able to adapt quickly and effectively to raid encounters and come prepared with personal consumables.

What our guild offers:
- Progression at a good pace without hardcore hours.
- Fairness - Every individual deserves a chance provided they are willing to put in the time to earn that chance.

Trial Process:
- The trial period will take as long as it takes. Some individuals will stand out more than others and gain a raider statues, others will not.
- During the trial process we expect 100% attendance.

Our Goals:
We aim to clear the current content (Uldir) at heroic difficulty. For the remainder of the expansion will be spent clearing previous mythics and knocking out a few raid achievements for mounts/etc.

If you are interested please message either:
DISCORD: Deathrall#6349

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