[H] (Hyjal) {Endeavor} 8/8N 6/8H - LFM

updated classes needed and progress
Mythic raiding around the corner. Come join us and we will full clear heroic and start downing mythic bosses!

2 of the few DPS capable of out DPSing the tank (19%+ of the raid's total DPS) and (25-30%) of heals were kicked randomly, so if you want to join this guild have fun reprogressing normal.

bump :)
frick: "yah the lock is going to leave with us"
me, gets randomly kicked because some one said i would leave. I never even planned to leave :/
i mean i guess no hard feelings GL and all :(
Oh can I join? here are my logs:
I know its tough to read them since the grey text blends in with the background but they are improving, I promise!

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