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Death Knight
do you guys feel like the death knight fits in with the story any? like you as the hero going around azeroth doing the things we do, do you ever feel out of place? what do you feel like your class fantasy is now?
I feel like our class by design is supposed to feel like we are kind of loners and wanderers. Even in wrath this was the case when you finally broke free of the Lich King and then are walking through Stormwind while everyone hurls garbage at you. Also kind of ostracized by players at the current time bc we started at 55 when that was still relevant. You work to reform yourself and have fought hard and are now considered a hero to your faction. And with the current expansion there is a lot of things like the Drust and Bwomsandi and the undead in Atal Dazar etc. As a deathknight that could be seen as almost an abomination or blasphemous because they aren't raised with the same type of magic or force as a Death knight. Also I think forsaken and undead may come out BIG later in the expansion or next expansion as the undead are immune to the whispers of an old god. And a scourge expansion could be what is coming next who knows.
We are almost still viewed in disgust like no one wants to be around us but they know when they need someone powerful to get something done they may have to call on us. Like the horde having to work with the san layn or something. We are the necessary evil.
I often feel this way, especially because I only do heroic things in this game because I don't have a choice (funny given the focus on playable Death Knights having free will). That's why I really loved the DK Order Hall campaign - I actually felt like a DK. I would kill for a third faction that is all about being evil.
It really does feel out of place in particular quests, such as those where you go to sleep or get charmed somehow. MoP was probably the worst time to try and feel "belonging" as a DK with how the very land reacts to bitter feelings of any sort - things DK's are full of. That and the inhabitants wanting to have a joyous time with a disgusting, death-bringing walking corpse.

Unfortunately, Blizzard's questing design has always been about a vast array of smaller "one size fits all" quests rather than a fewer, lengthy quest chains of a cohesive story. If they did the latter, then it would open up the feasibility of making more character-specific dialogue. Often times, unless you're a generic mage, warrior, or other "morally passive" class, it's difficult to actually get into many of the quests.

At most, you can sometimes rationalize it as doing it for greater power or the need to inflict pain on at least something, but otherwise it's really difficult to see a DK really caring about most of what goes on in Azeroth. Legion it made sense because the whole world was threatened(except in Val'sharah), but BfA does not because it's just Ally vs Horde squabbling(until old god stuff comes later on.) WoD didn't make sense for a DK. MoP didn't make sense in the slightest at any point. Cata had a point for the same reasons as legion, except in a few areas like Hyjal and working with dragons in general.

Truly, it really does seem like Legion was the only time outside of wrath where it made sense of DK's to be there most of the time. What is really funny is in uldir with the big holy light laser beam in G'huun's chamber; oh yay, all these other heroes bathing in the glory of the light, meanwhile my DK would probably end up leaving the raid as ash in a dustpan when the fight's over it were realistic.
You know that whole thing about Sylvanas being all extreme now? That was literally our order hall campaign in Legion. Raising long-dead heroes, razing holy sites, the whole nine yards. Hell, we used to have an achievement for bringing the red dragon flight to the brink of extinction until Blizz figured it was a bit too dark (Unholy Determination, look it up). As long as there are Forsaken, the Death Knights are current and make no mistake, we are THE bad guys.

I just pretend the Horde is still the Old Horde and then it doesn't feel so out of place. It's easier with how extreme Sylvanas is being at the moment.

It makes expansions like this one where our leader is the bad guy easier to play.

I felt like playing the good guy in Cataclysm was difficult but the Death Knight fitted being a part of 'Garrosh's Regime'.

The same thing for Sylvanas now, better to play a character with an indifferent attitude rather than a good guy on the bad side who's always killing their own commanders and pushing secret coup's and rebellions.

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