360 Warlock LF 9hrs/week or less

Guild Recruitment
Horde or Alliance does not matter.

Looking for a mythic progression guild.
Raid Times: 6pm PST or later.

Looking for a focused guild with friendly/mature atmosphere. Mythic+ groups are a plus.

What you'll get from me:

I've lead my own US top 100 guild and raided in one in the past. However, my time is limited at the moment to be able to continue doing that. You'll get near perfect attendance, complete knowledge of my class and all its specs, and good encounter knowledge. Can provide logs and any additional information as needed.

Please leave your guild information and a way to contact you in a response. Thanks.
My guild needs an Affliction Warlock. We raid Tues/Weds at 7 CST on Illidan (8/8H 1/8M).

nkz#1416 on bnet to discuss.
Good Evening Sovereign! Please take a look below of Ømen's information. If you are interested I would love to hear from you! My B-net is: Phillygirl#11616 Have a great day!

Region: US
Server: Mal'Ganis
Faction: Horde
Raid times: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00pm-12:00am CST
Raid Progression: 2/8M

<Ømen> is recruiting dedicated players wanting to focus and progress BFA on a mythic level. We have an active community, always running mythic pluses, as well as alt raid runs each week. We always aim for a fun, yet efficient, community, and we'd love to have you!

Currently recruiting the following classes for Mythic Progression:
- Beast Mastery Hunters
- Balance Druids
- Affliction Warlocks
- Mistweaver Monks
- Discipline Priests
*If your class is not listed but are still interested in joining the team, we would like to hear from you!*

Recruitment contact: (B-net/Discord)
Chabs#1796/Chabs#4456, Phillygirl#11616/Phillychick#7311, Kevlava#1215/Kevlava#2863
Guild Name: Patchwerk
Realm: Dark Iron
Contacts: Energee, Patbatemans, Mcsqueebles
Battle-Tag: Geesicks#1950, TvThief#1156, mcsqueeb#1267
Current Progression: 5/8H Uldir

We're a tight knit group of RL friends, and some new-comers, that have been playing WoW together since vanilla. We're all playing the game to relax and release stress from our every day lives, but our goal is to get AOTC each tier and push ahead into mythic and Mythic+s. Most all of us are active in game and discord every day, and are good with helping each other when needed.

Raid Times:
Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-10pm Arizona time

Looking For:
Really looking for mages, warlocks, and priests, but are accepting all like-minded and competent raiders and Mythic+ runners. We are fairly adaptable, and some of us are willing to class change as needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to add or message us.
Hey, we are <Anomaly> - US-Mal'Ganis, a 2 day late night CUTTING EDGE mythic raiding guild. We are currently 2/8, looking to fill core spots. We are looking for someone who is competitive and has a drive and work-ethic that will produce great results. We have a great need for a warlock right now.

After reading your post, would be happy to be able to speak with you more on your plans in recruiting and what you are looking for, and how you could help our team progress through mythic..

Our forum is: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769487047#1

If you find this interesting and want to know more, please reach out to me on Bnet @ Jaydee#1574 , look forward to speaking with you.
<Deranged> is a newly formed 3 night raiding guild on the Area 52 server is seeking more like minded members who want to push for Cutting Edge every raid tier. We are currently 6/8H in our first week of raiding together with a roster of 10! We will accept anyone with the willingness to learn and be patient while we progress and fill our team! 350 ilvl and 21 neck required for trial with us.

About the leadership
The guild leader has a long history of pushing high end content, starting in MoP in a top 5 US guild. Currently 8/8H and 2/8 Mythic, the officers are very experienced mythic raiders with 90%+ parses,800+raider io score, and high success rate of leading new players in difficult content. We are always here to help you help yourself perform the best you possibly can, meaning we will provide you with any information you need, run mythic plus to help you gear, and provide you with a clear explanation of every encounter that we will be progressing on. We also provide flasks and feasts for every raid member.

What we expect from you
As a member of our team we expect you to perform at a skilled level and parse at least 70% overall for your class, come prepared with correct talents and azerite traits, and maintain an attendance of a 95% to keep a core position on the team as 19 other members will be counting on you to show up on time to progress in mythic.

The Goal
Our goal as a guild is to achieve cutting edge every tier and provide a non toxic environment for raiders to grow and progress as we push together as a team. To have every member value the guild as much as we do as we look at it with high importance and relevancy to our life. We put a lot of time and value into our members and we will always appreciate the same mentality.

Raid days and times
Tuesday 11:30pm-2:30am Eastern standard time
Wednesday 11:30pm-2:30am Eastern standard time
Thursday 11:30pm-2:30am Eastern standard time
Off days will be for non mandatory sales(gold only) and high level keys

Classes and specs we are looking for
Any exceptional players should still contact us for an interview!

Contact information
Guild Master-Hexxtacy Btag Natas#1536
Healing Officer/Raid Lead-Reikra Btag Reikra#1733
Officer/Main tank-Lucifuhrer Btag Ollee#11646
Sounds like we could be a good fit for you. Feel free to add me if you feel it might be the case! Heres the spam -


(US - Lightbringer) No Fun Allowed <NFA>2/8M 8/8H Uldir (10/11M ABT previous expenasion) - weekend alliance guild Is currently recruiting exceptional players for our mythic progression raiding team in BFA. . Raid times are 7:30-10:30pm PST Fri/Sat

Our Current Recruitment Needs -

Ranged dps - Balance druid/ Frost (pref) Mage/ warlock

Melee dps - Death knight unholy/blood os pref / Rogue

Healer - Mistweaver monk/holy priest

- ANY exceptional players

Wednesday - 7:00pm PST - 10:30pm PST is a OPTIONAL raid night for heroic clearing.

We strive to push for for the same cutting edge progression as weekday guilds that raid significantly more hours therefore 100 % attendance is crucial for our normally 6 hour long raid schedule, granted real life issues arise from time to time which is understandable.

Also players interested in pushing Mythic+ are welcome as well.

For more information and general inquiries please feel free to contact me @ Thelahun@Lightbringer /// Thela#1545
Idk if you can be flexible by an hour, but if so, we could use a warlock, so here's our spiel! 8/8H, 2/8M, raid times are Tue/Thur/Mon from 8 - 11 EST. If any of that jives with what you are looking for, feel free to give me a message -

Guild Name: <murlocs>
Website: murlocs.com
Server: Mal'ganis Horde

I'll keep it simple. We're a awesome guild with people who meet up monthly and raid weekly. Our raider experiences range from Top World Raiders (Previous US Top 50 players), to first time raiders (and faster learners).

We like to focus on community, over progression, but still maintain a "serious casual" relationship in game. We will be casually pushing mythic content in BFA.

* 1-Click Apply button *

Raid Times:
- Tuesday: 8:15-11:15pm EST
- Wednesday 8:15-11:15pm EST
- With weekend alt runs

If you're interested, feel free to apply above, or add me on battle.net:

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!
Sovereign! My guild is Efficient on Stormrage-Alliance. We're currently 3/8M 8/8H and in need of a great warlock such as yourself! We also only raid 9 hours each week. Tuesday and Wednesday from 8pm-11pm EST and Thursday from 9pm-12am EST! Add my btag if you wanna chat more Karma#12379
Hey Sovereign, so we're an established guild, been raiding since mop. We all took a break during legion - though everyone came back, we had five who should have remained on break.

So currently we're using stand-in from players that don't really want to raid. We're down to two now, but would like to fill in these positions so we can get back on track and make better strides. We've always hit our goals - even cleared Gul'dan M think 30th on this server.

At any rate, we're 2 day a week guild - if our times below fit your needs, let me know!

<Almost Heroes>
Region: US
Server: Area-52
Faction: Horde
Raid times: Sun/Mon 9:00pm-1:00am CST
Raid Progression: 8/8H 1/8M

About: <Almost Heroes> is a two day raid guild with a core group that’s been raiding since MoP. Being a two-day raid guild, we believe in pushing content at a steady pace that is comfortable but still competitive. During raid time our officer team works swiftly to create solutions to problems before they become bigger problems, to maximize our efficiency. Outside of this however, our raids are filled with laughter, jokes, we come together and form a big dysfunctional family.
Our mythic roster currently holds a few stand-ins while we fill our final spots for our push forward. Mythic+ experience always welcomed as we try to push everyone a max key weekly. Please note we do not recruit for the bench.

Applications please visit https://almost-heroes.enjin.com/#
Recruitment contact:
Arcon#1815 (B-net) or Arcon#8375 (Discord) - for any questions!
Hi there Sovereign,

I belong to an alliance guild on the Darkspear server called Dreambound.
We're a fairly small guild - almost all of our members are on our raid roster - and we aim to keep it small, so that members do not feel like a nameless face in the crowd. As such, we not only value highly skilled players (so that they can participate in activities), but also great culture/team fit.

We are currently 6/8H and are looking to expand our team size for Mythic progression, ranged DPS highly desirable. We would love a warlock ;)

We raid Wed/Sun 6pm PST - 9pm PST. Sometimes it goes over a little if everyone wants to stay.

We love loot, and we love having fun while getting it! So we look for competent players (e.g. can pull the DPS, not stand in the schmootz) as well as people with great attitudes (e.g. great sense of humour, easy going, tilt/rage-free, ability to listen/learn).

Outside of raiding, we spend time together running M+ keys, Island Expeditions, PvP and sharing memes in Discord.

I think we're fairly greedy, because we want progression, but not at the cost of fun, and we want to have fun, but not at the cost of progression.

If you think you might be a good fit for us/we are a good fit for you and have more questions, please feel free to contact me -

Discord: Neph#9821
Bnet: Neph#11581

Cheers and thanks for your time,
Simplicite (A) Korgath
2/8M 8% wipe on Zek
Fri/Sat 7-10PST

Extremely active guild/community, lots of keys, PvP, etc.
Guild was formed in Vanilla, so very stable.

<Ginyu Force> (Horde - Kil'Jaeden) [2/8m Uldir] is looking for members to add to our ranks as we push for a strong start to this expansion.

We currently offer a late night raid schedule (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:30PM-12:30AM PST).

We offer a stable, progression minded, but very personable, enjoyable, laid back raid. We make sure we down content but at the same time having an fun atmosphere.

My real ID is below. If you have any questions, or are interested in joining us, please message me personally.

Thank you for considering us as a choice for your new guild and hope to hear from you soon!

Add Swiftrick#1953 or Opressor#1396
<SAF> 8/8n 6/8h 1/8m on Area 52 is a newly formed guild with experienced leadership & core we are comprised of Determined & Driven raiders to push content without the massive time commitment, many of us have been raiding since the early days of Vanilla. We are aiming to guild rank and push PROGRESSION as fast as possible.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday from 730-1030pm EST (server time).

---Currently Seeking--- 

The Listing below is not limited to those class/specs only, we have a general idea of the raid composition we want and have room to adjust certain ratios Melee/Ranged


• Monk (windwalker)

• Lock
• Mage
• Hunter

• Priest (Holy)

• Paladin(Holy)

---What we have to offer---
• A Serious Raid Team without the massive time commitment of 4+ raids a week, we utilize the raid times to full extent in order to progress quickly.
• We supply guild repairs for Raiders/Core Raiders (Trials are expected to come prepared for the duration of their Trial period) during progression as well, Flasks, Pots, Personal Foods, Augment Runes, Feasts.
• Enchants & Gems, as long as we have the supplies

---What we expect of you---
• Being On Time for raids (15 min early, logged in and on Discord)
• Fully prepared for raids (Don't forget grabbing things like your seals or anything else you might require during raid time, watching the next fights in advance to have an idea of encounter mechanics)
• Knowing your class in and out, being able to maximize your output for each specific encounter (Talent switching) being up to date with class changes and so forth.
• Excellent raid awareness, being able to watch what is happening around you and what is coming up next to avoid unnecessary damage or loss of damage.
• Being able to adjust quickly to changed circumstances that may arise during encounters.
• Team Player, willingness to sub out for certain boss encounters for a better composition.
• Raiding experience & a Stable Connection

For more information, feel free to contact one of us.
Battle Tags
Trikkster <Dcoy#1399> Guild Master/ Lead Recruitment
Áftershock <áftershock#1203> Recruitment Officer *alt code for a is alt 160
Massey<Cervix#1726> Healing/CD Officer
Brohawk<Brohawk#1273> Raid Leader
Limelife <Limelife#1487> Co Raid Leader
I'd love to talk--contact me at Brashara#1324--depending on the logs I may have a solid opportunity for you.
Hey there we have an immediate core spot available for a Warlock. I'll keep the spam to a minimal here as I'm sure you'll be overwhelmed with all the other bodies of text. Add me on BNet and we can talk in game:


<AFGM> [A] Stormrage
7/8H; 1/8M
Thurs/Mon: 9p-12a EST
<Constructive Criticism> 8/8H 2/8M on Area 52 is a late night raiding guild with one goal in mind, Cutting Edge; we are looking for a handful of DPS to bolster our roster.

Raid times:
Tuesday, 12am - 3am (est); 9pm - 12am (pst)
Wednesday, 12am - 3am (est); 9pm - 12am (pst)
Thursday, 12am - 3am (est); 9pm - 12am (pst)

Currently seeking:
Monk, All Ranged DPS
Resto Druid, MW Monk

Talented players of a class not listed above will still be considered.
Any DPS w/ healing or tank OS is strongly preferred.

Battle Tags:
Hey Sov,

If you're still looking for a home, I'd have you consider Fight on Stormrage (Alliance) we raid 8:30-11pm Tue/Wed. 5 Hours a week.

You posted a preference for 6pm PST start, but we start @ 8:30EST which is of course 5:30PST, I thought it was close enough to ask, but if you're looking for a hard 6pm start, apologies in advance for the spam.

Fight is a 22 year old guild, first starting up in Ultima Online Beta and being in WoW since day one.

Were currently 2/8M and we finished up legion 11/11M CE and looking for a Lock who can play at a high level, for a core spot. I like having GMs and Officers in guild as they tend to understand the larger/broader outlook that you need to be successful.

Our guild recruitment thread can be found here.

We would love to speak with you.

You can hit me on on bnet (vilnius#1998) or discord (vilnius#5048)

Cheers and good luck in search of a new home!

A warlock would be a perfect addition to our mythic roster. We are a Horde guild on Arthas and raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9pm-12am EST which is a 6pm PST start time as you mentioned. We can start trialing you as soon as you'd like and we could see you as a permanent fit within a week or two. Message me if interested.

Battlenet: ManChild#11640

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