[A] [5/8 H] Serenìty is looking for you...

10/23/2018 08:04 AMPosted by Hopsipa

Hit us up! I sent you an in-game mail.
The bug has been squashed. Zek'voz down.

We're 5/8 Heroic!
10/24/2018 07:14 AMPosted by Ãshe
The bug has been squashed. Zek'voz down.

I guess you could say it's... Zek'down.

...I'll see myself out.
Come chat with us guys, we'd love to have you come join us for Zul trash and on!
Always looking for people! Previous raid experience isn't required, so don't be shy! We especially need some healers and ranged, but we'll take anyone!
Hey, you! Yeah, the one reading this. Why don't you come join us for a fresh heroic Uldir run tonight? We offer beer, cookies, and a fun guild environment that knows how to get things done. We'll see you at 7 server!
Need priests for Zul. Shadow, Disc, Holy.

We have 5/8 on farm.
3% zul pull tonight, come help us finish him off coming week!
Back up we go, you know you want to come help us get Zul from 3% to dead!
Come join us as we kill things tonight!
What time do you guys raid?it just says server time and I am not near my computer to look at you ST.
371 holy pally/ret 362 dh tank/dps

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