375 Boomy LF M proggg (High parse) 1/8 M

Guild Recruitment
375 bag 374 equipped bis trinkets, always have food , enchants, pots, augments, LF an actual progression group this expac. Tired of just puggin H every single expac. 1k raiderio score.
some parse arent purple or higher just off pug groups and people dying etc. or mythrax sitting in an orb for 30 seconds each time. thank you for taking the time for reading this.
BTAG : Crummy#11342

<Club House> is a Horde guild on the server Kil'Jaeden and has been together for 10 years! We have server firsts and other experienced players within our raid. Currently we have downed 4/8M Mythic Uldir and looking to solidify our roster going forward.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9pm-Midnight PST with the occasional Monday raid if needed for content pushes.
(times/days are subject to change during the beginning weeks of BFA)

What we need from you:
We're a mature guild so 18+ only please.
Please have a working headset. (Push to talk during raids)
We expect all of our raiders to be raid ready! That means Fully gem'd and Properly enchanted, food, flasks, pots and runes.
be at the raid instance BEFORE the start time of 9pm.
Knowledge of your class and boss fights.
Be able to handle constructive criticism and the occasional trolling.
Past warcraft logs.
Have a good time.

Currently we're looking for:
Demon Hunter


Hope to hear from you soon!
Happy Hunting.
Gonna keep this short and sweet. <Faceroll>[H] on Arthas is recruiting we need 1 dps and for our 2 day raid week. Friday and Saturdays 7-1030pm PST. Pushing heroic and mythic raid content, and also destroying some M+ keys. Get in touch man would love to hear from you. We are currently 5/8 Heroic.
Healzofsteel [Guild / Raid Leader] - Sauron#1367

Alzar[Guild Co-Leader] - Alzar#11256

Blackstool[Guild Co-Leader] - Blackstool#1408
We are Currently 5/8 H !
If this sounds like a good fit please drop a quick 2 min app at www.faceroll.org we are almost full on our 20 man roster.
Hey, I was browsing the forums and think you may be a good fit for our team. Here’s a little bit of information about who we are:

Adventurer <Stormrage> (1/8M - 8/8H) is a guild founded in October of 2017. We strive to down all the content that is thrown our way at an efficient pace. We choose to only raid two days of the week to allow for our members to enjoy life in Azeroth and with their family and friends outside of it. We are a larger guild with multiple raid teams, so you will consistently find people on during the day/night to run keys, PVP, or just stay up and chat with. If you like any of these things, you’ll have no trouble fitting in.

We are currently seeking highly skilled applicants to help fill our mythic raid roster and help us to attain our goals.

Raid Times:
Friday-Saturday -- 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST

Thursday (Optional Heroic Night) -- 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST

We do ask that our applicants have:
  • Previous mythic raiding experience
  • Interest in bettering yourself along with your character
  • Willing to put in what it takes to be a high end mythic raider, it is not abnormal if we are close to a kill to extend our raid
  • We expect you to know the fights ahead of time, we will post our strategies on discord, so please be a willing and active participant on the server
  • We will offer criticism of your play if we feel that it is lacking or if we feel there are other ways you could be doing things to reach your potential
  • Be over the age of 21, we will be willing to make exceptions if you are mature, we do not have tolerance for racism, sexism, etc.
  • We also request you keep at least a 90% raid attendance
  • Other raid info:
    We realize that personal loot is locked in this expansion, but we still use a loot council if the item is not an upgrade for the individual. We feel that this is the best course to properly gear all of our members.

    We would love to chat with you if you feel that you would be a good fit to our family.
    Elienore (GM)
    BTAG: Decoy#12466
    Panda (Recruiter)
    BTAG: Novakaine#1566
    Enomina (Recruiter)
    BTAG: Kaiksine#1872

    Please join our discord and message Elienore if you would like to chat further:
    Have any interested in going alliance?

    <SOMA> [Magtheridon][Alliance] is 2/8M looking for dps to help us progress through Uldir.



    Raid Times

    7:30-10:30 Wed/Thurs

    Contact me and we can chat if you're interested.

    Kyle#11563 - Battlenet
    Claver#5984 - Discord

    Our type of humor
    https://vimeo.com/239614189 (nsfw)
    https://vimeo.com/249298214 (nsfw)
    Hey man, Limited Liability(Alliance - Sargeras) is looking roles to bolster and fill out our roster. A Druid that can Flex dps and heals is what I would like to join the guild sooner than later.

    Currently 4/8m Just formed up this expansion. Solid officer core and going nowhere but up on the server. Looking for Cutting Edge and beyond. Active in pushing M+ and PvP also.

    Current Raid days:
    Monday-Wednesday: 7pm PST - 10pm PST. 10-1EST.

    Add me for details: Blackicez#1182
    Hi Crumkin! My name is Carla. I believe you would be a great addition to our raid/guild. We are currently looking for a Boomkin to fill in our raid roster for BFA. I am not just looking for an individual who can DPS, but also someone who fits our guild culture.

    In BFA, we are looking to fully clear Heroic and progress through Mythic content, with our end goal being AOTC. We understand that life can get hectic but do expect 85%+ raid attendance. Our raid environment is about having fun & enjoying each other's company (being serious when needed) while progressing together as a team. We enjoy pushing keys in M+ too.

    Our Raid Schedule: Days (2): Tues & Thurs 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST

    Uldir Progression: 7/8H, 1/8M

    About Us
    Jaded Retribution is a semi casual/hardcore progression raiding guild on Mug'thol (PVP/PST) currently rebuilding our roster for BFA. Although we took a hiatus, Jaded Retribution is one of the longest running guilds on Mug'thol. The majority of us have been actively raiding together since Cataclysm, while some of us have been playing together much longer than that. Our goal is to enjoy raiding while clearing current content. We are a fun, friendly, mature and drama free. We play other games outside of WOW such as PubG, DOTA2 and others.

    Recruitment Expectations & Member Conduct
    - Be knowledgeable about your class as well as the boss encounters.
    - Be self-sufficient and come to raids prepared with all consumables they will need for any given raid, including your gear being fully repaired.
    - Have gear that is gemmed and enchanted optimally.
    - 85%+ raid attendance and promptness.
    - Be willing to sit if asked to do so.
    - Have a microphone and be able to use Discord during raids.
    - Have a stable Internet connection.
    - Want to have fun.

    Interested in Applying
    Contacts on battletag: Layliah (Recruitment Officer) @ Layliah#1369, Vapid (GM) @ Vaapad#1119 or Battle (Officer) @ Battlesung#1209

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to speaking with you!
    Main spot 1/8M (mother will be dead tonight and moving on to the next three) would love to chat
    Snackz#1210 th/Fri 7-11PST
    Simplicite (A) Korgath
    Weekend raid team
    2/8M 4% wipe to Zek
    Fri/Sat 7-10PM PST
    Optional heroic clear Sunday evenings
    Adult environment, active guild with lots of M+/PvP being done.
    CE progression raiding on a laid back 6hour/week schedule.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    <Despair> is looking for your class for Uldir! We are ready to welcome you with open arms into our family. Our Guild formed back in 2007, and we took a brief break but came during Legion and hit the raiding content hard! We also enjoy doing Mythic+, Random BG's, arena's, and RBG's if that's something you're into when we're not killing Mythic bosses! During last expansion we ended 10/11 M with sub 30% pulls on M Argus, and ended server 2nd. This expansion we are aiming to full clear mythic and take server first. We are horde on the server Frostwolf.

    Current Progression: We are currently 8/8N, 8/8H 2/8M and killed M Taloc day one

    Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST Optional farm runs Sunday 8:00-11:00PM EST

    Feast and flask will normally be provided but we'd advise you bringing your own just in case, pots as well.

    Required Addons: Weak Auras, DBM, Angry Assignments

    Website: http://www.despair-guild.com/

    Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/236187

    Recruitment Officer: Exkay#11283. Healing Recruiter: Hollisterr#1659. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!
    Howdy Crumkin!

    We're recruiting a few more players, specifically a Boomkin, in order to round out our Mythic roster for Uldir. During mythic progression, we typically clear Heroic at the start of every raid week, clearing on Tuesday and spending the rest of the week on Mythic. Check out our info below and if it fits what you are looking for, add our recruiter battletags (shadowbane#1864) or (slimey42#1203).

    <Last Pull>, a three night a week raiding guild on Cenarius, is looking for various classes to solidify our roster. We are a stable, consistent, progression focused guild. No surprises. Just a a solid group of awesome people that have a great time killing internet dragons together.

    We do have an over 18 policy in place for recruitment.

    Raid Times:
    7:00-10:00 PST, Tues, Weds, Thurs.

    Uldir Progression:
    3/8 Mythic, 8/8 Heroic

    Antorus the Burning Throne Progression:
    11/11 Mythic CE

    Full recruitment thread:

    If you’re interested in becoming part of the <Last Pull> family, you can apply online at www.lastpull.com

    How to contact us:

    • Recruiter Battletag (me): shadowbaine#11318 or Discord: Shadowbaine#1071
    • GM (Earrl): slimey42#1203
    • Apply at www.lastpull.com
    If you’re still looking come check us out could use you on our mythic roster.

    <Wage Theft> US-Arthas Horde Guild Is looking for Exceptional RDPS players to progress through Mythic Content with.

    Tuesday & Wednesday
    8PM EST - 11PM EST.

    Current Progression
    8/8H 2/8M


    Recruitment Post

    Officer Btags:

    Horde ~ Mal'Ganis
    Raid Team 00: Legends of Chaos

    8/8 Normal Uldir
    8/8 Heroic Uldir
    1/8 Mythic Uldir

    Raid Times:
    Tue/Wed/Thu 7:00pm to 10:00pm CST (server time)

    All exceptional DPS may apply! MUST have logs to apply!
    Join Discord to Apply (http://discord.gg/gH4dqHz)

    Recruitment Officer: Shifthappened (Valxe#1785)
    Raid leader: Morph (soulslayer#1479)
    Commander: Befly (Befly#1311)
    Reign of Fire - A52 - 2/8 M BFA
    Fri/Sat 9pm-1am est- (optional wed for heroic)
    Ant- 11/11m - pre nerf/weapon buff

    Reign of Fire is a 2 night a week late night raid group. Semi hardcore and a fun group we are looking for more to continue our progression in BFA.

    Main Needs Right now

    monk (dd/heal) high
    paladin (holy) high
    shaman (restoration) medium
    warlock high
    Priest Healer - Med

    Other ranged dps Low

    We are Open to any Skilled Mythic player with good mechanics, experience and performance. Don't take the list as a definite no if your class/spec is not listed there!

    Contact Us:

    Recruitment Contacts:
    (B-tag) Alpacapacino#1811, Sama#1244, Zan#1252 #LordKneezus#11958
    (Discord) AlpacaPacino#7925, Phazed#9584, Sama#8496, Zan (Queen of Trinkets)#5269

    Best way to get in contact and get us looking at you is to app!

    Apply today at https://reignoffire.wixsite.com/join
    Hey Crumkin,

    I'll be brief, but feel free to get back to me via Discord (pref) or Bnet for more info.
    Discord - Nota#4641
    Bnet - James#11347

    [A] <No Discipline> (2/8M, 7% Zek’voz) on US Sargeras is recruiting exceptional players for our CORE MYTHIC ROSTER.

    Raid Times: 7:30-10:30 PST Tues/Thurs (Optional Non-prog raids Fridays)

    If you have more questions about atmosphere/what we do outside of raids/what is expected of you, feel free to reach out via Discord or Bnet; I won't bother you with the details on here! Best of luck wherever you may find.

    - Nota
    Think of how refreshing a fresh start on Mal'Ganis would be!

    <Arcanum> is 2/8M Uldir and recruiting ranged DPS.

    We're a newly formed guild who raided together last expansion in another guild.

    Last expansion our team earned:
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare Cutting Edge
    3/3M Trial of Valor Cutting Edge
    10/10M Nighthold Cutting Edge
    8/9M Tomb of Sargeras
    11/11M Antorus Cutting Edge

    Mythic Raid Schedule
    Tuesday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST
    Wednesday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST
    Thursday: 8:00PM PST - 11:00PM PST

    We have a super easy 5 question application - www.arcanum-guild.com

    We also do a ton outside of raid! We haven’t finalized our off-night schedule yet, but last expansion we offered the following:
    - Friday Heroic Antorus clear
    - Saturday All Monk Normal Antorus clear
    - Alternating Sunday/Monday Guild RBGs
    - M+ Key sales
    - Weekly Mythic Gul'dan runs for the mount
    - Goal for all 110s in guild a +15 for the week, even crummy alts
    - TONS of pugs, we ended up with a reputation for taking over every pug Antorus run we joined
    - There are always people online willing to jump into a pug, run keys, do arenas, go on an achievement run, answer silly questions

    Any questions? Need more info? Message me on Discord at kat#3105

    Ready to join? Apply here - www.arcanum-guild.com
    We'd be interested in speaking with you about joining our raid team.

    <Grey Parse> Is a guild forming of former top 100 US raiders on the horde side of Zul'jin. Our raid leader is currently 2/8M and has raided with top 100 US guilds in past tiers. We are looking to complete 20-man Roster size with 2-3 backups to push content efficiently while having fun! With a 2-night raiding schedule and a 6 hour week we're going to be blazing through content! Our Goal is to end Uldir 8/8M and push Top 150 With our leadership and goals we plan to blaze through this tier and future ones.

    <Raid Times>
    Wednesday 6:30pm – 9:30pm PST 9:30pm-12:30am EST
    Thursday 6:30pm – 9:30pm PST 9:30pm-12:30am EST

    <Raid Expectancy>
    -Knowledge of mechanics before entering raids.
    -Personal accountability & mechanical proficiency.
    -Minimal random afks, Disconnects, random chatter, etc. (we want to have fun but still be proficient)
    -High attendance.

    <Officer Expectancy>What you can expect from us:
    -Positive leadership
    -Flasks, food & repairs provided for each raid (once were up and running and farming)
    -An active guild outside of raids; M+ high key groups, sale runs, AP farm, Alt runs and more

    <Raid Requirements>
    We prefer you be 360 ilvl+ with a minimum Neck of 20 levels with revered.

    If this sparks any interest please contact Huncrow @ Huncrow#1313(Bnet) Thug#7516 (Discord) to set up a discord chat

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