For High M+, which healers in demand?

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I have every healer to 120 right now. I enjoy playing all of them equally, but trying to decide which one to push high M+ keys with.

I have been running my Paladin and Druid on Heroic Uldir, and I know Paladin is also good for M+, but just wondering where the high keys are leaning, because I have seen druids are really not that popular on high keys.

Again, I enjoy both and consider myself good on all of them, so I am looking for more of the overall utility/abilities of the classes.
Druids and priests are probably the two top M+ healers.

I'd argue that shaman is the weakest of the pack and that pally/monk are viable, but slightly worse than Druid and Priest.

Priest can provide damage output in competent groups which speed up run timers. Druid can drop vortex which really helps tank kite hard packs and can corpse run with Brez.
Priest and monk
resto, disc, mw
Could someone fill me in as to why Disc is used so often in mythic+?

Genuine question. As far as I know, they healed only by doing direct damage. How exactly are they keeping tanks and the group alive without a plethora of direct heals?

I haven't played a priest since wrath.
Shaman aren't much in demand due to a variety of reasons. There's a thread about this very topic in the shaman forum.

Among other things, they suffer from poor throughput, a lack of instants, and no external tank CD unless you count spirit link.
09/28/2018 10:03 AMPosted by Caspery
Could someone fill me in as to why Disc is used so often in mythic+?

Genuine question. As far as I know, they healed only by doing direct damage. How exactly are they keeping tanks and the group alive without a plethora of direct heals?

I haven't played a priest since wrath.

Atonement healing is very strong. Coupled with Power Word: Shield and rounded out by Shadow Mend direct healing and defensive use of Penance they are well equipped to provide very strong healing. Since Atonement hits everyone with buff you can set up strong aoe healing and Pain Suppression and Archangel are strong counters for heavy direct damage and the remaining abilities like PW: Radiance and Barrier are very strong aoe damage counters.

Throw in offensive and mass dispels on top of their above average (for healers) dps and you can mitigate/avoid a lot of damage before it happens.

Probably their biggest weakness is healing Bursting and Grievous when out of combat which still doesn't seems to have slowed down the top players.
my opinion:

druid > mw > disc/holy > pally
What is a high key? Why do people use vague terminology when referring to keys? I heard one guy say a +4 is a very low key, but for most players it's more like a low-mid key a 6 or a 7 would be a high-mid key. And keys 7-10 would be in the high range. Keys over 10, would be entering the very high key range. If your goal is to complete +10's any healer in the game is fine if you have a good group and know what you're doing. The obvious answer here is to play what you enjoy the most. You can still be successful if you can tread the water of community bias and bad information.
Play what you have the most fun with but, that said, the website let's you look at and filter leaderboards for runs matching criteria you specify (such as North American level 10 to 14 keys which successfully finished in the time limit.) The top runs in that list, for example, are dominated by resto druids. You can use that tool to identify the key range you like doing and find trends that can point you in the right direction.
My personal favourite is druid healer. Ironbark being on a one minute cooldown is insane, and tank damage this expansion is high. Couple that with the talent to reduce the cooldown and increase healing on the tank, and it becaomse a 45 second crazy good spell. The other options in that row (reduced tranq, spring blossoms) in my opinion are just not as good as having such a short mega tank CD.

Couple that with brez, soothe (yes this matters), ursol's vortex, mass entablement or typhoon, and being able to heal on the move and you have a healer that is extremely well-suited for current M+.

In my opinion for shaman to be viable it needs a tank CD, or to pair up with say a BDK who has a ton of CDs themselves.
High keys are generally considered 15+
I can't give you a full picture, but I can tell you resto druids are PREEEEEETTY GOOOOOOD
The highest key completed so far, +17, was a pally healer (zmok)
09/29/2018 10:15 PMPosted by Gorebot
The highest key completed so far, +17, was a pally healer (zmok)

His group did 18* with Gotyo, a Monk healer this morning (US time.) I don't think it's particularly indicative of which is better, though. At the very top it's more about team synergy and execution, which suggests that all but shaman are preferred. There are only 2 shaman in the top 200, which doesn't mean they can't be there, just that a group is doing things the hard way if they run resto shaman.

My resto druid alt is much better equipped for M+ and has a higher ilvl and IO score as a result.
Biggest problem with shaman imo (from a tank PoV) is they lack a tank CD. Tank damage is much higher in BFA than it was in legion, so lacking this is pretty significant.
Here is a general consensus I have gathered (put into my own wording and perhaps somewhat diluted) from watching various high M+ healer streams

Holy Paladin is probably the best with very high end, organized M+. No healer can compete with wings. If you are with a group playing around tank cooldowns and Wings (huge pulls when you have wings, small pulls when you dont) Paladins are by far the strongest DPS and healing wise.

Resto Druid is probably best for pugging high keys. At any given time you probably have slightly better healing / dps potential than a holy Paladin, but wings is a very dominate cooldown if the group is playing around it.

MW Is pretty close behind. Very good Healing output, but pretty low damage comparatively. Honestly extremely high healing output, damage not too impressive. Not much to say, people wont die unless theyre standing in 1-shot mechanics.

Disc is decent. They have a lot of damage, but struggle with keeping the group up during periods of high damage. Compared to other healers you'll be doing the most damage overall, but you'll struggle to keep others alive in heavy incoming damage situations. Paladin wings burst will still out dps and outheal you.
Druids are the same as they ever have been, they make it look easy when they're ahead, but catch up can be difficult when people muck up mechanics.

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