Does Distract no longer work on Raid Bosses?

I haven't tested every boss, but it seems like distract no longer works on them. I used to use it on bosses that wander to help the Tank position him/herself. (Blackhand/Spellblade/etc). Perhaps I placed it too far away.

Also, didn't seem to work on the Rezan in Mythic Atal,Dazar.
seems every xpac more and more bosses are immune to distract shenanigans. not every boss this xpac is immune, but i dont have a complete list of which ones are or aren't.
Fetid Devourer is definitely immune, I imagine that's who you tried it on. Really unfortunate, don't see how it would be game breaking, it just artificially extends how long trash takes, or forces you to intentionally aggro and reset.

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