Any NC Players? (:

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Looking to find some players near me in NC! I live outside of Raleigh and work in Durham. Reply or feel free to add me to Btag: Violettaa#1813.
charlotte woot
North of Charlotte. :)
I live and work in Cary, but I'm from the coast (Emerald Isle).
Wilmington here.

Do I smell an NC meet and greet?
North Wilkesboro here :)
North Raleigh here ❤️
I used to live in Hickory. Miss NC tons. How's the cleanup? did the storm miss you?
10/02/2018 08:00 AMPosted by Exelo
I used to live in Hickory. Miss NC tons. How's the cleanup? did the storm miss you?

Flooding in Wilmington and surrounding areas was catastrophic. The guy who sits beside me in the office was trapped in his house with his family for 2 weeks due to 15+ feet of flooding on both sides of his road. FEMA and Red Cross had to boat/airdrop supplies into him and his neighbors to keep them from starving.

A couple of my coworkers completely lost their homes, cars, and everything they own. Some neighborhoods were completely lost.

I was very lucky. I had tons of tree debris, but only minor wind damage to my house. No flood damage.

Wilmington was an island for a week or so. The only way in was from Jacksonville down US17. It took my family 7 hours to find a way home from my parents after the storm. The usual drive only takes about an hour and a half.

I-40 was a river. When it dried up, there were literally hundreds of dead fish scattered for miles. It has since opened up and people can come in that way.

US-421 has about a 300 foot gap that has washed out and will be out of commission until March.

Its by far the worst thing I've ever seen in my lifetime.
Bumping for more NC players.

Would love to see more Southeast NC people.

When I played Wildstar, I randomly joined a guild that had someone in it who ended up living 5min from where I lived. (He has since disappeared and I have no comment on his whereabouts--shiftyeyes)
Central NC here (Oak Ridge)
Butner here!
Lincolnton, NC
Asheville checking in
Charlotte here, I used to raid with some local people, but I'm the only one who still plays...met some of my best friends that way though. Add me If any of you want,. Myviga#1127

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