[A] Handicap Hangtime Selling Runs!!

Aerie Peak
Hey all! We are at it again! Handicap Hangtime Selling Full Clears, Ahead of the Curve, and Mythic Plus!

What we are offering
Heroic Uldir: 7pm EST (4pm Server)
Normal Uldir: 9pm EST (6pm Server)
Ahead of the Curve: 8:30pm EST (5:30pm Server)
Mythic Plus: Scheduled at your convenience

We like to collect a 50% deposit for all runs to reserve your spot. This ensures that neither party wastes the other time.
Heroic Uldir: 500k
Normal Uldir: 250k
Ahead of the Curve: 350k
Mythic Plus:
  • 10+ 300k
  • 8+ 200k
  • 5+ 100k
  • Loot
    As you know all loot is on personal loot. Anything that you get from the bosses is yours of course. Our raiders will happily trade you any gear that is not needed by the raid team. Buyers will be given the option to roll on this gear against each other.

    What to expect
    You are expected to show up and have fun. You will have zero responsibilities when in the raid, you can heal/dps the boss if you feel like it, or you may even be asked to kill yourself because of mechanics.

    If you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule a run with our guild, feel free to add any of the following:
    Ari#1525 (main sales contact)
    Cool cats
    As someone who used to raid seriously and belong to various top-level guilds, these guys/gals are definitely no joke. They do like to joke, are really polite and are never judgmental however. They provide a service to those that may not have the time to raid seriously, but still want to experience some of the higher-level content. Thanks for all you do...
    Oh nice I was hoping HH would be doing this still. I cant wait to hit 120!
    I love hopping in on your runs , so clean chill and entertaining!
    What days are the runs?
    We do our Heroic/Normal and AoTC on Thursdays only. If you wanted to purchase an M+ then you can schedule that whenever is best for you :)
    Pricing update!
    These guys are the absolute best. Completely professional and very unselfish. My toon jumped up almost 60 ilvls after one run. I would give them my highest recommendation!
    These guys give a quick and amazing run. They are also very friendly and professional! I got A LOT for what I purchased, enough to say i'd recommend it to anyone!

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