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I am a long time casual WoW player looking for a casual guild so I can get to know some like minded people and enjoy exploring Azeroth together. Here's a little bit about me and my play style.
  • I am a mature, female adult with a job and family that enjoys gaming
  • I live in NZ but tend to play early evenings which doesn't really suit the AU/NZ guild times, so I was thinking a West coast based US guild might suit my early play times (about 9-12pm PST/11-1am PDT)
  • I enjoy playing a variety of classes, specs and roles, with Paladins and Druids as long time favourites, but I'm trying to branch out
  • I like experiencing content, including older content, and seeing the stories unfold
  • I am quite happy leveling new characters to try new classes/specs and experience new zones
  • I am a casual player and will never be a top raider/dungeoner, but I can hold my own
  • I play pretty regularly but life can make it hard to commit to raid sessions, though I do enjoy raiding when I can
  • I enjoy the game most when sharing it with others and having a laugh

Most of my current characters are on Oceanic realms, so I'm assuming I'd need to start fresh characters on a new realm. That's ok with me though because I enjoy leveling new characters and experiencing new zones in the old content. I have played both factions and no have particular preference either way - the people and the play times working out when others in the guild are also online matter more to me.

I'm interested to hear from any guilds that think I would be a good fit. Cheers :)

Based on your post I think our guild could be a good fit for you! We are a new guild looking to recruit all for a more casual and social guild. We are putting together a core raiding team but are more than happy to recruit players of all levels and play styles. We plan to also put together a PvP team in the future as our guild grows. I've included a quick guild summary below for your convenience.

<Estratovus> is a new Alliance guild on Sargeras that is currently looking to recruit all for raiding and PvP. We run in a more semi-serious progression focused environment. Even though we raid on the more "casual" basis we do play to succeed and our goal is to push relevant content, including Heroic/Mythic.

Guild Highlights
• Raiding, Dungeons, PvP, World PvP, Xmog Runs, Leveling/Social focuses
• Weekend Raiding (see times below)
• A more casual environment
• New guild - join and grow/learn with us!
• Returning or new player(s) friendly
• All are welcome! - LGBTQ+ friendly
Raid Times:
• Friday from 7:00PM - 10:00/11:00PM Central/Server Time
• Saturday from 7:00PM - 10:00/11:00PM Central/Server Time
• Sunday ~5-8PM Central/Server Time (Cleanup Night/As Scheduled)

Recruitment Needs:
• 1 Tank (not DK)
• 1+ Healers (non-priest preferred but open)
• 5+ DPS - all classes/specs considered (preferred hunt, mage, lock, and melee)
• Raid Leader(s) - preferably someone who has at least full NM experience to get our group progressing quickly into HM/Mythic.
• Any players who are interested in casual/fill-in raiding or just need a guild to call home. Willing to help new or returning players.

If you're interested at all feel free to contact either Kotipelto#1337 or Dayereth#1469.

Thanks for your consideration!
Hey there. Our raid times are 8 pm - 10 pm PDT. If you're interested here is our forum post, https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769466832
Guild Name: The Enchanted
Server: Hyjal/US - Medium Pop
Faction: Horde
Focus: PvE Progression Raiding
Progression: 5/8N; attempting Heroic this Friday for the first time
Schedule: Fri/Sat 8pm server/PST for approximately 3 hours per night. This converts to 11-2am EST.
Voice Server: Discord
Btag: Raid Leader: Vessasin84#1316 or GM: Siere#1570

We are not a new guild! We've been around for about 9 years. While we do raid and push progression, casuals are always accepted as well! We do ask that you be at least 110 on your main in the guild as we do not actively recruit lower levels. <3

If you're looking for something a little bit more than casual but not hardcore, then we might be a good fit for you.

We started raiding BFA a bit later than most guilds. Our first raid night was 9/14. We are currently 5/8 Normal. We ask that you be 335-340+ for N, for Heroics we ask that you be 345+. Most of our core is 350-355 at the moment.

This Friday we will be trying our hand at Heroic raiding for the first time ;).

Current Needs: 1 tank, 1 tank healer, and 1 high DPS.

We are a very Discord heavy guild, so be prepared to use it! <3
Thank you for the responses. A weekend raiding guild might suit me very well as Friday, Saturday US time is my weekend.

Kotipelto, your guild looks like a good fit for me so I'll reach out to one of you online.
Hello we raid 6-9 PST on Tuesday and Wednesday and are currently 5/8H. We are all adults with jobs and do not have any intentions of pushing into mythic raids, but we like to have fun and clear Heroic content. You could be a great fit with us I think! Add my btag hitshard#1993 if this interests you.
[H]<Red Light District> [US-Korgath] is a late night raiding guild focused on progression. During WotLK, we were a Top 10 Alliance guild on Korgath under the name of [A]<Heroes After Dark>. We are looking to fill our roster again for heroic/mythic raiding and mythic+.

We currently do our 8/8 Normal Uldir Runs on Tuesdays and run our Heroic Uldir on Thursdays (currently pugging spots as we don't have a full roster yet). If you'd like to come on our runs before making a decision feel free to message me before raid time and I can save you a spot.

-Raid Times-
(subject to change as roster fills)
Tuesday: 7:30p - 10:30p PST
Thursday: 7:30p - 10:30p PST

Tank - low priority
Healer - apply
Melee - apply
Ranged - apply

-Contact List-
[US][H][Dalaran]<Immersion> 8/8N and 4/8H is a Heroic PVE guild founded by two friends with Mythic raiding experience. Our goal is to clear through Normal and Heroic tier content. We are currently recruiting for BFA.

High Priority
DPS with healer offspec
Ranged DPS

Tuesday/Thursday 9P-12A EST(server time)

Trial Process
If you are interested in being a core raider, it is a two week trial process. The trial process will be based off attendance, performance, and how you fit with the guild. At the end of the two week's the GM and officers will vote and let you know.

Required Addons
DBM or BigWigs

Discord. Have a working headset and mic.

Halfryce#1267 [GM, Founder]
JLamerton#1402 [CO GM, Founder]

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