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Hello. I would like to ask for some advice on how to beat a ret. Seems that they have too many ways to heal up. This is in instanced pvp btw. Also, I know the game doesn't revolve in 1 v 1 but I just wanna know what class we can't beat 1v1? Thanks in advance.
seriously? kick his heal and stun him...
purge his bubble lol
OP, I have gradually learned how to beat a ret pally 1v1. It is not mission impossible but it certainly take considerable skill and fast reaction. We possess the enough tools to deal with them in RATED pvp.(Lay on hand destroys everybody, don't try engage ret in WPVP).
First and foremost, Do not instant Meta. Your regen is tied with Meta, if you pop it before bubble and Vshield, you are doomed to lose. Secondly, learn to anticipate his TV and use blade dance to dodge it. TV does holy damage so our passive mitigate some of it. Dfa his vengeance shield, just fly, don't hit him a single bit. Then he may go wings, you have to use blur or darkness during that or you can try to kite. when you start kiting, put you hand on devour spell button, FR/VR away then glaive, should ret use freedom, instant dispel it and use your 2nd glaive. If ret bubbles, you will have to dump all your mobility and find a pillar to hug to prevent get 8-sec free hit. If you pull all things above while doing your damage steadily. He will be dead soon and your 2nd Bfa/blur will be ready. That is when you must beat ret fast lest he got 2nd shield and you die. You should use Vengeful Retreat when you start kiting.
I must warn you this takes a fair amount of practice to pull off and you have very little room for error. Ret second stun will likely put you very low so you want desperate instinct so blur triggers even if you are stunned.

TL;DR: Kite bubble/wings, Dfa Shield, dispel freedom/HOP fast. Meta after bubble for the kill.

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