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For 3 weeks 1 in 5 arena matches I have not been able to attack my target.
I know it sounds silly but do you have a Neural silencer buff on you? It's an item you can get from Blingtron. I've noticed strange things from this on my rogue when I try to cast tricks of the trade with this buff or maybe we should consider it a debuff
Hello Fzd!

That is an odd situation to be encountering... are you using any addons? It's possible that an out-of-date or damaged addon (or other local file) is interfering with your interface. For that, we should try resetting the game's local files and try to play a few rounds in Arena without any addons, to see if your condition still occurs with a default setup.

Resetting the World of Warcraft User Interface

It may also be due to connection issues (certain character-status instructions not being successfully communicated when switching over to the Arena instance). For that, general connection troubleshooting is recommended:

World of Warcraft Disconnection Problems

Best of luck in your adventures :)

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