Weekend Raiding Guild (H) LF MEMBERS

Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, and Nazjatar
Alpha Intent is a group of experienced raiders seeking to expand our roster with similarly laid back, funny, and dedicated guildmates. The laughs are always flowing discord, but we also know to focus as soon as the pull timer starts ticking down. We welcome all players interested in: leveling, doing mythic+ keystones, raiding, pvping, and farming achievs/rep/mounts together. All current guild members help foster a sense of community by devoting their time outside of raids to help gear alts and newer players. Have a rotation question? Have a best in slot question? Question about a particular encounter? We have the answers! And we will take the time to help you understand the answers and improve as a player!
Currently we are recruiting all classes and roles (any ilvl & experience level) for Mythic + groups and Heroic/Normal Uldir. Players with positive attitudes which focus on constantly improving their performance on spell rotations/boss mechanics are invited to apply. Raiders should arrive prepared with flasks & food & general knowledge of encounters. We expect 100% attendance for raids that you sign up for, although we do understand real life can get in the way sometimes.
Come help us down some heroic bosses, gear out your toons, and make lifelong friends in the process! We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday-Sunday 6pm-10pm CST

Please PM any of the below contacts for more info.
Bellaamore- Blood Furnace (Co-GM)
Cartograph- Blood Furnace (Co-GM)
Kiki- Blood Furnace (Recruitment Officer)

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