Azerite gear should drop from M+ dungeons

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It’s honestly the best solution. If Blizzard wants us to have multiple sets for different purposes then they should give us multiple sources of it.

Azerite didn’t felt like a problem at the beginning of the expansion because we could just get 340 pieces from Mythic Dungeons. Now our only source are raid bosses and the weekly cache. As a result we have most of our gear at 340+ gear while the Azerite pieces stays at 340. What was the purpose of this?

If I have to guess I would say that they didn’t wanted to force raiders to farm M+ to get legendaries. But Azerite gear is far different from that. The drop rate is greater and you can target specific pieces of gear trough M+ dungeons.

So, they should add Azerite gear to M+ dungeons.

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