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As Rastakhan, if i knew my fate and couldn't change it, I would make a point to spend time with my daughter as much as i could, and then I'd leave a note to be found after my death to give her strength and let her know not to blame herself. And at the end of the note I would put a post script that she should move forward, be strong, and turn the alliance to ash.
"F@ck this sh@t I'm out."
I would lock myself in the engineering labs and construct megabombs that only kills anyone who opposes the Alliance and leaves all other lifeforms unharmed. I would then board a huge airplane and fly up so high that I cannot be seen then start dropping the bombs everywhere all the while repeating over and over, "I love to tinker!"

The End.
I'd cry because I'm a short inferior race.
I'd make plaster lawn decorations of all the other races and get rich. Pandas being my best seller!
You will stand in the presence of King Rastakhan. Which sounds like Rasta mon.

Which means I would get nice and baked, I would come up with a great idea to take over the Kultiran main town. It’s litterally a harbour we can just sail right in with boats, you think they would make their town on a mountain or underground.

They certainly weren’t thinking about war strategy when assmembing their little harbour. Our pyramid on the other hand good luck attacking that!
I'd throw myself off that wretched pyramid and put and end to this pathetic hoedown.

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