[A] Evolved 18+ Community Recruiting 8/8H

Have you been searching for a guild that feels like home, has a sense of community, and can make friendships that last? Are you searching for a guild that knows what it's like to be a parent, a working adult, or just busy in real life but still enjoys playing video games in your freetime? If you answered yes, then Evolved Gaming will be perfect for you! We understand that real life comes first, but it’s nice to have that online family and community to come home to in your free time.

Evolved was created to provide a drama free, family oriented, and people focused environment for mature (18+) gamers who wish to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

We are actively recruiting for our three raid teams. Of course, you don’t have to raid to join and we don’t require you raid every night. We understand that real life comes first! We like to think of ourselves as accomplished casual raiders - we’re still casual but when it comes to getting new bosses and content down, we take it seriously while still having fun!

Evolved Raiding Progress
Uldir 8/8N, 7/8H, 1/8M

Raid Schedule
Tuesday- 6-8 pm server time (PST)
Friday- 6-8 pm server time (PST) with optional hour until 9 pm
Saturday- 6-8 pm server time (PST) with optional hour until 9 pm

We are in need of healers and ranged dps!

Open Raid (Members/Alts)
Sunday- 6-8 pm server time (PST)

For you non-raiders, we offer many activities including:
*Active Discord and Guild chat for your social amusement or distraction ;)
*Fun Discord Contests
*Guild Achievement Runs for transmog and achievement points
*Multiple PvP events each month to get your Horde slaying fix in!
*Tons of Dungeon runs including Mythic+ Key pushing as well as training for people new to mythic keys
*Twitch Streaming for those who enjoying streaming and/or watching

If this sounds like it would be a good home for you and you wish to apply or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700. You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer :)

You can visit and apply at our forums at:

Evolved Gaming is focused on building connections and friendships that grow not just in one game, but can evolve and span across many games and communities. Our player’s want more than just a bunch of random people to join them in games, but people who actually care and want to be there. We would love to have you be part of our community!
If your 18 years or older and looking for a great starting guild that currently has 3 raiding groups (Always looking for more Range dps and Healers with offspec) then check us out.

/who Evolved

ask for an officer and ask for more information.

We are laid back Accomplished casual guild looking for more members.

Have a great day and best wishes
Great community and an awesome group of players. We also have punch and pie!
Really great place to be, raids run smooth and a fun time was had by all.
For years I've looked for a community of players that were like minded, cared about their members, and had enough on to actually experience all the content this game has to offer. I found that with this guild. Excellent leadership all around. I would recommend this guild to anyone looking for a place to call home.
I dunno we only have 3 raid groups and tons of other activities going around, we might need some more people to push 4 raid groups as well~
Been gaming in WoW with most of these people for 4+ years, best time in the game I've ever had.
I joined at the end of Nighthold - after being on and off subbed since WOD release, this guild is all I stay subbed for; solid group of good people.
Evolved has good grown-up leadership and a skilled mature player base. If you're an 'accomplished casual' endgamer who plays well with others, this guild is definitely worth looking into.
I just joined at the beginning of this expansion and everyone's pretty helpful and cool.
We managed to get our first Mythic boss of BfA down on Tuesday. Now 7/8 H and 1/8 M. Can't wait to see more bosses go down in Uldir!

Still recruiting more for our raid teams or anyone looking for a great, friendly, helpful guild to join for M+, pvp, dungeons and more!

Feel free to reach out to me through BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 if you have any questions. You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer :)
Happy reset everyone. Hope everyone got some good loot in there chest. Make sure to get your Roll tokens. Get some mythic plus keys done for the week. Have some fun and like always if your interested in a great guild /who Evolved and ask to speak to a officer and get some more information.
Bump for fun times!
Extremely well run guild, and is everything they say it is. Feels like home, and we down content without any toxicity. Highly recommend.
Well its Friday and that gives everyone a few days off (That get weekends off) so a good time to check out our guild and /who evolved and ask for some more information.
Happy Reset Day! Hopefully everyone has a good week of awesome loot and fun times!

Still recruiting more for our 3 raid teams or just anyone looking for a fun, relaxed guild to call home!

Feel free to reach out to me through BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 if you have any questions. You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer :)
The weekend is coming up, do you have a guild to spend time with and grow? Do you seek people to share some fun times with? Come check us out.

/who evolved and ask for an officer.

Mythic plus dungeons

Great group of people to chat with so come and ask some questions
Bumping for warlocks and healers!

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