Do people regret buying / preordering BfA?

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I don't regret it even for a moment. From a financial standpoint, it has already paid for itself 10 times over from the times I sat home and had fun on WoW instead of spending $60+ at the bar. From an entertainment standpoint I'm having a blast. It'll be even more fun when all the cry babies leave.
110% regret, not the money. Just the time.
I acknowledge all the problems, but I'm still very glad I bought BfA. The horde leveling story is the best I've seen in the history of this game, and it was worth it for that alone.
Not quite, but I am disappointed at the end game. I am starting to give serious consideration to taking a half a year break.

Semper Fi!
Nope, I’m having a good time. Of course there are aspects of it I don’t like. But overall I’m enjoying it.

I didn’t play much through Legion. So might explain why I’m not as burned out as others.
I don't regret buying BFA. I think the zones and first time leveling was quite good. The rest of the game is rather disappointing and I regret buying the extra six months to get the mount.
Nope, no regret.

I think those who no life the game are unhappy as they always are.

Those of us who play a few hours each day are extremely content to my understanding.

At least I'm happy XD
Yep, asked for a refund when I learned how the new races were rep locked in old content. Denied, even tho I hadn't even downloaded it yet. Left a bitter taste....
I'm enjoying the expansion. Is it perfect? No. But the azerite system doesn't annoy me as much as some others, and the gcd change that everyone is screaming bloody murder over doesn't bother me much either. I'm sure the azerite system can be refined over time.

I also love island expeditions. Fight me if you think otherwise. :)
I like the art, new areas, and story. I'm bored of Azerite armor, AP farming for a necklace so I can unlock uninteresting traits. I've kinda slacked playing as much this expansion so far.
10/04/2018 08:52 PMPosted by Dfat
Did you get what you paid for? Are you satisfied?

Or you regret buying it?

Regret? Nah, I got a mount. But it was terribly put together with beta feedback being completely disregarded.

But Beta today isn't about feeback. It's about trying to let as many people in to increase pre-order sales.
I’m sure some do. I, however, do not regret it. Been enjoying it so far and look forward to seeing how the story plays out.
Yes I regret it. Double regret considering I bought a copy for my gf as well.

Pre-ordered both, we played a couple hours on the first day and have not logged in since.
BfA certainly has it's flaws, but I don't regret buying it and I look forward to content to come. I've been with this game long enough to know there will be missteps when it comes to the game's design and concepts. From what I've seen, they generally try to correct those mistakes.
10/04/2018 08:52 PMPosted by Dfat
Or you regret buying it?
Nope. Already got my money out of that purchase at this point.

At some point I may come to regret the monthly subscription cost, but that should only be true for an amount that's equal to less than one month's worth, because I'd cancel if it became the case.
I absolutely regret getting it because I preordered before they made any announcements about gameplay changes.

Their dishonesty has ripped my joy for this game. The GCD change slows the gameplay down too much already past the point the antiquated system it is being as old as it is.

Leveling is a horrible chore so I can only play my level 90+ characters or I hate it. I liked the scaling just fine but the experience per level is beyond unacceptable.

They can fix the other problems or drop them next expansions, those changes I hate seem to be for forever.
I don't regret playing BfA. However, I do think I should have waited about 10 months. Then, all the bugs would be fixed, flight would open up soon, and I could utilize catch up mechanisms to bypass the tedious scaling while leveling.

Normally, the start of an expansion is the most enjoyable part of the game for me. Not this time. I won't make that mistake again.
no regrets, having so much fun so far.
ehh.. It's a toughy. Personally i probably would have liked BFA more if i got it like.. at 8.2 and a lot more stuf was unlocked but at the same time I might dislike it more due to rushing and catch up gear making stuff easy and having a huge repgrind infront of me..

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