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But didn't you already leave and just "accidentally" click on the forums..?

They discussed allied races. You didn't like the answer.

Mostly because I'm not some tubby south park dude that is jobless and plays 14 hours a day.

Not sure how that relates to what I said, but good for you I guess..?
Not canceling because imo wow still has the best dungeons and raids of any mmo. But, I’m really disappointed with Azerite traits and gear and wouldn’t currently recommend wow to someone who had never played it.

I loved artifact weapons and just wish they’d expanded and innovated in that direction. Azerite feels like an early, rough first draft version of artifacts.
I'm cancelling shortly, Gonna eyeball the new 8.1 patch and see if it's worth investing in. until then, A break might be healthy before I start completly hating the game.

-Professions suck all around. Most are Pointless Outside alchemy and a few others. Crafters like BS and Tailoring got shafted fairly hard.
-General boredom. The WQs feel very samey and Im about to be revered with em all.Nothing new to do once done with them. Already back to leveling alts to kill time.
-Some of my favorite classes(IE Shaman) Are STILL busted and horrible to play. I've seen more priests and hunters in raid than any other heal or DPS spec. Some classes are so much more powerful than others.
-Azerite in general. A 370 shouldn't be a downgrade from a 340 due to the traits you have Unlocked.
-Island expeditions are mostly a waste of time. If I need Azertie I can just do Dailies, or PVP, Dungeons, or literally anything else.

It...really feels like they are trying to pad out the gameplay with fluff, to keep some level of artificial interest. It's loads of small to minor issues that are snowballing into:
I was so excited for BFA and that excitement fizzled out already. I'm holding out hope they can repair many of the mistakes and issues so I can come back to loving WoW.
Keep in mind Ladies and Gentlemen the following opinions below are entirely subjective. Clearly there are many of you who are going to completely disagree and that is fine - but the title of this thread is why I the individual am going to take a break from WoW for a while - or at the very least won't be playing it anywhere near as much as I did in Legion.

When Legion came out I was very happy to see how they did the artifact legendary weapon system. Each class got their own individual hall - all different from the rest. That system made me want to play every single class and try every single spec in it's entirety. Going through the game and playing to get all the weapon appearance unlocks was also very appealing to me. I thought many of the weapon designs were really nice and being able to show off your tower unlocks was fun :) I was in love with World of Warcraft again! However that being said I was fairly irate that some of the more impressive weapon unlocks were only available through PvP. That's just like making a PvP gear appearance unlock only available if you clear an end level raid on mythic difficulty hard mode - and then add salt to the wound and make that appearance look as good if not better than the best PvP gear you can get through sole PvP play. However I can understand blizzard wanting to give people an incentive to do PvP here and there - so I didn't let that get me too much since it was in only a few parts of the game and this type of "option" wasn't too prevalent yet - since most of the expansion in my opinion was still centrally PvE - but again this move foreshadows the current expansion greatly in my opinion.

Then this expansion came out (BFA). I have two (again subjective) gripes about it.

1. They completely removed the artifact weapon system and the appearance unlock system that went along with them / AND made the class halls obsolete! I feel that unlocking appearances for a weapon is WAY more fun than leveling up a necklace you can't even see on your character. I feel they could have really expanded on that base idea and really made it much more in depth on this expansion and following ones - perhaps even have more than just 1 weapon per specialization even? Add in a crap ton more appearance unlocks and challenge bosses for some of the more appealing ones. Now I don't mind making it so certain appearances are no longer available after a period of time - I get that - but to get rid of the whole system altogether? I thought that was going too far. Change does not always = Better game. I think the developers this time took something out that was better staying in. I think this system was one of the main reasons why many people returned to the game during Legion - and now that it is gone and trying this necklace system out - and seeing how the new system does not even come close to the old - people like me are left feeling very disappointed. Even the class halls could have been added onto and carried on into other expansions - but nope - they had to become obsolete too... I no longer feel the same spark of motivation as I once did to explore all the different classes and specializations in the previous expansion: Legion.

2. This current expansion pushes the PvP aspect onto PvE players quite a bit more compared to the previous expansions. If you refuse to do PvP as I do and always will refuse to do so - then especially within this expansion you will be missing out on quite a bit of the content / progress in a meaningful way. People who want to PvP can PvP - that's fine - all power to them. However, to MIX PvP into PvE more and more every expansion I feel is not fair to the PvE people. You can easily expand PvP without making PvE people feel like they are going to miss out on PvE content / increased rewards just because they decided NOT to take part. Imagine giving the option to people who like to focus on PVP to clear a 25 player hard mode raid that rewards a really cool looking PvP appearance unlock (which by the way looks just as good as some of the best PvP only appearance unlocks OR BETTER - or making it so the amount of honor they get during PvP is increased for a period of time - or whatever). - that's really dumb in my opinion - but that is the principle they are using against PvE people but now even more pervasive than EVER. Let me give some specific examples since all of this so far has been very vague:

War Mode: Giving people who PvP all the time a huge advantage over people who refuse to PvP. Where is the PvE Mode and the increased rewards for that on the PvP side of the game? Can we see the imbalance?

Island Expeditions: - There are different difficulties - the more difficult the better rewards you get. Which difficulty gets the best rewards? The one where you are playing against other players (pure and simple PVP!) Now add a complication to all this: They are now blurring the line between PvE and PvP. Instead of playing against typical computer opponents (monsters / raid bosses) you are now you are playing against opponents that have the exact same abilities as actual players do - but the only difference is that it is a Bot that's playing instead of a person(that's it - other than that the gameplay between actual true blue PVP is ZERO). It's just like saying "doing a typical raid (which is normally classified as PvE) would be the exact same classification as a battleground so long as the battleground players are controlled by a computer" - I feel that the developers are now trying to GROOM people who PvE primarily with gameplay like this and try to pull some fast one on us by saying "it's not PvP" - when it mostly is - it's just that the computer opponents makes it easier - but the combat in essence is exactly the same! Sorry for not wanting to PvP but with bots instead of people! If the AI were strong enough and the developers could code it well enough - the computer would whoop the floor with any human player team - then the realism of PVP is actually there at that point - and this is the direction I see blizzard is now going!

It's like saying the Quake single player run through (PvE) is the same classification as quake death match so long as a bot controls your opponent in deathmatch (multiplayer PVP) - that DOES NOT compute to me!! Can we see how this is does not add up? Or again am I one of the few who see things like this - since again these are my subjective viewpoints and I could just be some complete idiot.

I am tired of Blizzard / whichever company that owns Blizzard trying to groom me and others of like mind into PvP more and more. I am sad they removed a WONDERFUL Weapon system that truly transformed Legion into something legendary and set it apart from the rest of the expansions.

These are the two main reasons why I will either be taking a sabbatical from WoW - or at the very least not playing anywhere near as much as I used to.

Thank you for reading if you got this far - I apologize if I could not summarize my thoughts better in a more condensed form - as I am writing this at nearly 3 AM and I am extremely loopy right now.

Take care.
I will absolutely be dropping my sub post blizzcon if High Elves and the GCD changes are not walked back by then.
I lasted about two weeks into BfA with probably 5 months of game time left. I uninstalled WoW.

Flying is about my only incentive to come back and I hate Pathfinder.
Subscription ends in 15 days. I wont lie in that I'll probably be back at the end of the expansion to snatch up the expansion goodies before leading into the predictable good expansion that is most likely lined up after this one.

I wont parrot the usual suspects such as RNG, failed expansion concepts, Allied Races, lack of class design save in that line alone.

1. Lack of community has driven me from wanting to bother putting the effort into getting to know anyone. Making friends has become increasingly difficult and the margin for error leaves me feeling destined to sit at the wayside rather than pushing me to learn since no one is willing to teach or chat.
2. Roleplayers are in a bad spot. Despite being a rather surprisingly loyal fanbase that sticks through the tough times, Blizzard has gone back on their promise and alienated them from the one part of the game they enjoy most. I'm in that camp.
3. Hollow rewards have made me feel like my efforts are for not. Someone much worse off at the game than I am can easily snatch up rewards far greater than mine, whether that be gear or collectibles.
4. The lore is awful. It has been steadily going down hill in a frustrating tumble, and after all the attention I paid it before it is starting to feel as if I wasted my time bothering to enjoy that aspect of the game.

Everything feels empty; promises, friendships, enjoyment, even my own developed skillsets. It has become an increasing problem as of late for, though I speak for myself only in that regard, and it makes playing this game that much more frustrating.

Maybe I'm bitter. Maybe I'm jaded. Often times I just log in to find out I'm doing it out of habit so I took the step. Hopefully I can enjoy more than three weeks worth of content at the end of the expansion.
I canceled the day Warbringers: Sylvanas came out because I didn’t like the story. All the gameplay issues with BFA have kept me away. Ive been spending my time leveling alts, and my sub runs out in just over a week.
09/26/2018 01:01 AMPosted by Gorbash

Why? Because I'm not a snowflake catching the hypetrain to whingetown.

62 hours left.

Came back from a long break from Panda Land at the end of Legion. I had to wait. Weeks. WEEKS to build my first ship at my Garrison since the npc was bugged and missing.

Now I've been dealing with bugs every single day. I report them, and send my report. Several months later, at least one of the bugs I dealt with is still on WoW Bug Report Forum from 2011. Posted 7 years ago.

There are achievements, bosses, npcs, and even quests that are bugged. I mean one of them was bugged where I've been going up, north of my Garrison for months to see if one of the chains on the ground would finally give me a quest. It was a very minor quest, collect X chains, gained a tiny amount of gold. But it took months before I could grab it. That's one quest. There's thousands of others ingame.

62 hours left on my sub. I'll probably come back in a few years and see if anything has changed. WoW Classic won't be out then. Not if they can't keep up with "old content" that I paid full retail price for, when I came back. $69.99 per expansion, including the collector's editions. Then Blizz is like, yeah you guys can have all the expansions for free besides BFA. I spent over $200, probably closer to $300 just to get the expansions I was missing. If it was outdated, refund my money for those expansion that you repackaged into the Battle Chest.
they only care about money and continue to dumb the game down.
I just came back almost 4 months ago, since being away since 2011, and I am not unsubbing but I am taking breaks. I won't just sub one month after another like I use to. And I'll repost what I said in another post.

"The slow leveling is something that will keep me from subbing on a regular basis since I started over on a different realm. Not looking forward to leveling most of my toons up through that garbage.

I also don't like how max level keeps scaling instead of hitting a cap. I get better gear at max level and it appears the mobs do also. I want the feeling of actually creeping past max level mobs and being an actual hero/champion instead of staying in peon mode."
I came back after 6 years. Was fun to get back for a while... Then I got to WoD, hated garrison system. Dont want to spend time building up old content...that system just doesn't have a lasting appeal. Then got to Legion. Was good then I realized i can't fly and will never dedicate that amount of time grinding rep.
Then i realized bfa is the same with locked flying. A lot of time is wasted traversing on the ground. Going from wq to wq just became much harder due to this. Anyway, this is my last month til they introduce high elves
wow,op, are you studying wow behavior? I don't think you're going to get an clear answer on that subject.As of now i ran out of paper and have a headache .
He just want to make sure he not the only one making a bad decision.
so you will be back in 8.1 for the feral buffs then?
No. My play habits have changed though.

I mainly do emissaries, maybe a mythic plus, and legacy raids for tmog.

It’s a liberating feeling. No stress, just playing at my leisure.
Yes. I feel like the company is too greedy now and my sub has lost it’s value. Rep grind for Allied Races and time gated Pathfinder. The achievements are cool but its unnecessarily long imo.
Just renewed my sub a few minutes ago. MMORPG's are a grind and I enjoy having things to work for.
I think I'm going to take a break. It's not really one thing that did it in for me just death by 1000 cuts.
Islands, kinda boring.
Class balance, ultra meh. I wanted to play prot war and spriest. /rekt
Azerite traits balance, it's just a mess.
I really wanted to pvp but alliance warmode is rough.
I had high hopes for island expeditons but they seem boring and turned out pretty repetitive.
Warfronts are prob my favorite feature but still aren't meeting up to the hype.
Have kind of a tough time making gold as well.
It's alot of "wait until next patch..." and I don't want to do that.
Blizzard took on way too many things and just hamstrung themselves really.
So I'll go play bdo remastered and maybe come back later.

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