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In high school, back during Vanilla, I binge pvped as a feral Druid in full shadowcraft through the night and into the next day of school. I then played again that evening without sleep and hit Lieutenant Commander the following reset before hanging up my pvp spurs. Somehow I still graduated advanced with honors. I was a mutant.
Well not a binge story but a desperation story. It was the day of the launch of Lich King expansion. I get home all eager to play - turn on my PC and... no image showing up on the screen at all. Holy crapola! I notice though I'm not getting any weird beeps on boot so I think computer is booting properly.

So I get an old 15" 4:3 monitor, hook it up and still nothing. Aha video card! But nothing is open now for me to run and get one! Well I have an old video card lying around lemme go and get that... crap, AGP! I have a PCI-E motherboard! That figures. However, I do have my old motherboard in the basement...

After blowing the dust off that motherboard which hasn't been used in two years, replace the motherboard in my system (still had the CPU and fan and RAM in the thing) turned on the PC, Windows boots up, finds the new drivers after a few reboots and sure enough I'm playing WotLK at a steady 15 fps.
I happened to get lucky with MoP launch and got a week off work. I originally asked for the weekend but mentioned to my boss that I wouldn't mind starting on Thursday (was in Finland at the time so it launched at 10am my time on Thursday if memory serves).

Didn't have any huge plans or anything, got snacks ready (lots of cut veggies and dip). Pretty sure I played for like 24 hours straight, was in vent with guildies most of it. Had couple guildies going for realm first 90s, I had no such plans but I did have all this free time to play.

The person leveling monk caught up to me around kun-lai and mentioned he was killing things slower and wanted me to come kill stuff for him since I had legendary staff and whatnot (on my horde priest). We wound up questing and leveling together. We took breaks during quests, one person would continue kill mobs while the other went to the bathroom.

As we got closer and closer to 90 I started getting more and more anxious. No one had dinged realm first 90 priest yet. The guildie was at least a level or two ahead of other monks so his victory was pretty much set. We both hurried getting me the final quests and exp and somehow it happened, I got the first priest.

That was the most memorable wow binge for me. In total our guild got 3 realm first 90s including the very first person to hit 90 on any class. Good times.
When cataclysm launched, I had worked an 8hr shift. That lasted until 10pm. I went straight to gamestop and waited with stranger's (who were local and played) until the store opened. I got the first box available because of winning an achievement contest (thank you Realm First Heroic LK!).. I installed the game, and fell asleep for 2hrs until 250am. servers went live at 3am and I played from 3am that Tuesday morning until Thursday evening when I had done what I set accomplish: lvl85, heroic 5mans cleared, and BoT/BWD cleared on normal. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 10hrs later. Logged on, and started leveling my Spriest alt. I have never played that hard since.
After hitting lvl 120, my fambam and I got on to do Warmode for the first time on a Saturday morning (10AM) all the way to Sunday morning (5AM) just to get the title, "the Horde Slayer" on all our main characters.

Was it worth it? Anytime spent and creating memories with family is always worth it!
Me on BFA launch. Got over 10 days /played at 120 ~2 weeks ago. Haven't been on since. Ready to come back when I get off work today. Been dreaming of WoW these past few days.
09/27/2018 01:36 AMPosted by Galateah
I been binging like crazy cus I’m unemployed right now and my life at the moment is just not great.

So it sounds like you're doing the exact opposite of what it takes to make your life better.
Late High School, early College days I used to just not sleep. Insomnia was rampant back then and I'd go a couple days at a time without sleeping, sometimes 3.

Back then I poured myself into WoW and a game called Mabinogi. I got a noise complaint once in my apartment back then at about 3 in the morning because I was in WSG and whenever someone would take the flag, I guess the alert sound was loud enough to get through the walls.

Also in my early college days I didn't go out and drink like most people, I was a hermit. :3 I still kind of am, but people invite me to things now and I actually go to them. Being an adult is interesting.
Confesses: I HAVE called in sick on a few occasions to stay home and play WoW.
My first day of my sub back in August (2018).

I spent almost an entire day just doing the tutorial quests, starting from the morning to the evening (I was on a week's vacation at the time).

I got confused a few times because I wasn't paying attention to what each quest was telling me to do. I learned to slow down and read.

By the time evening rolled around I was helping Sylvanas Windrunner fight the Worgen. That whole day was one long fun adventure and the time flew. I also realized I forgot to call my mother about helping her dust and vacuum her place for the weekend. Ooops.

I settled down into my usual 1 to 3 hour evening pattern by the time my vacation wrapped up. Weekends are when I spend an entire afternoon in-game.

I still have a lot to learn but I've come a good way from the really confused noob in the screen shot here.!AiiYFpfkLUK-gVapAW00PBF0zw2H
I guess you could count this as a binge. Back in high school me and my friend shared my computer playing wow(he couldn't afford one). One spring break we made a schedule to where we would play WoW while the other one slept. I played during the day while he slept then he played at night while I slept and if you were to accidently fall asleep mid "shift" or early then tough luck next person got your the rest of you shift. Went on for a week and when school started back up we had the most screwed up sleep schedule. Still fun though.
Farming Honor during AV weekend working on my GM Tittle only for my computer to break at R11 for 3 weeks and stomp out my dreams.

(Still had fun)
Craziest binge story? Mine is the best!
One time, I picked up the game sometime in 2005 and for some reason couldn't quit; it was horrible.
Probably my longest binge was doing the original Rhok'delar quest line during Vanilla. I stayed up almost 2 days straight hunting the demons.
In a coordinated team effort, 3 high school/college friends and I leveled a warlock to the cap (then level 60) without logging off of the character.

We literally drew straws to see who would get the character on their account; I was the lucky winner. We also drew straws to see who would get the graveyard shifts/preferred zones/etc.

We had all leveled a few characters to cap level, and had a good idea of which zones/major quest chains would be most beneficial for us. It was all sketched out on a piece of graphing paper that we toted around for several days and traded off, as we traded the reins of our pet project back and forth, account-sharing despite Blizzard's warnings not to. Between us, we had only one PC that played the game well, and decided that we would all play on that one desktop.

I can't remember how long we were logged in for, but the poor bloke who was on the graveyard shift fell asleep while running back to his body in Burning Steppes, in that room with all of the incendosaurs. I'm guessing it was like level 48 or something. Anyways, the game timed out and disconnected, and the challenge was thwarted. Classic end to an epic wow binge; finding my friend drooling on the keyboard, surrounded by empty energy drinks and spilled Mtn Dew cans, with the ominous log-in screen music playing at full volume and a disconnect message displayed prominently in the center of the screen.

My friends no longer play, but I carry on the legacy of our camaraderie every time that I log in on this warlock, who was born one fateful night in 2006 to 4 BFFs with a dream. <3
My most recent weekly playtime report is my lowest since BfA came out. It's 19 hours less than I'd been averaging, thanks to finally getting all my exalted reps.

...It's 72 hours.
I used to play WoW so much. All hours of the day, all hours of the night.
So in 2008, I moved out on my own. Got my own apartment, I was 21. I was really proud of myself, I worked hard, and got hired full time at Energizer, making $19+ per hour. Bought my first car with cash for $2000. It was a 1995 Buick Century Custom with only 29K miles on it.

I so looked forward to the launch of Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I remember calling Walmart, and yelling at the lady to hold me a copy of the expansion. "But sir we have over 100 copies" HOLD IT !@#$%, DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF THE LICH KING!!

So we download and login. We race to 80. I remember my buddy logging out at 79, while I was at 71. I stayed up 30 hours straight, leveled 71-80 in about 24 hours, then started healing in a Naxxramas raid before I went to bed.

Man, what a rush. It was so exciting. Plus it was a cold expansion there in Northrend! And the game was released towards the end of November, so it was getting pretty cold here. I would be snuggled up with an electric blanket, with the heat turned up, sipping hot chocolate, 7 cases of Amps. 7 cases. I bought them on sale at HyVee for $5 per case back then.

What a time to be alive, I was making more money than I knew what to do with. I got paid weekly and many times, I would get my check written for $1000 after taxes and insurance. I remember so many times I would splurge at Walmart on random stuff for $300-700. One time I spent $300 on a pile of used games at GameStop.
09/27/2018 01:36 AMPosted by Galateah
I been binging like crazy cus I’m unemployed right now and my life at the moment is just not great.

I feel ya OP ;_;

I don't really have an epic binge story that I can remember but just wanted to say you're not alone in that.
Longest binge was for 36 hours stirght. My wife and kids was gone and house was so dang quite. i started on friday and ended sometime sunday night. Woke up to wife screaming at me. as i forgot to charge cell phone and she needed pick up. I was late for work. Boss was cool with it. he also played wow. He knows i farm to chill. That was a bad week for me.

i still dont remeber much as i just zoned farming. have like 150 stacks of ore/herbs in bags and bank. My poor bank alt still has most of them. fun times in MOP.
I once played three days straight in Magic Online.
Every time I was about to go to bed another friend would log on and want me to partner them - we were into multiplayer games. Eventually I was hallucinating cards that didn't even exist and micronapping during every turn.

It's not something I'd recommend.

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