I don't think messing with gear is the answer

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
I've seen people tear down Heart of azeroth gear. I don't like HoA gear, I don't know anybody that really does like this system.

Simply put, I'd rather just kill things and get loot that is just normal loot. No grind required to get the most out of that loot. I'll grind to get the loot sure, but I'd rather just be satisfied to have the loot, than another grind to do.

That said, I'd also like to see more progression systems based on player skill. Perhaps done in a way that can give you regular small successes, with one more difficult bigger success. This system would cycle to give you new challenges regularly. Whats progressing though?

Well look at all the crap we have to grind, pick some of those and throw it in there. Gold (like a significant amount, not that 60-200g bs you get from wq's.), Crafting mats, Rep, etc.


Another new talent system. (like artifcat and azeroth gear has done) But what if it was a way to partially blend a spec, or even classes. This would be something someone far smarter than me would have to develop because I am certain anything I could possibly suggest would be game breaking.

the scary part of putting it on player skills is that there are some really terrible players out there, and they have feelings too. Meaning that if you're bad, you could hit a wall and it could kill your progression.
Well screw it right? I mean theres catch up mechanics for HoA and Artifact weapons had it too, so could this.
This wouldn't necessarily cater to the casual player out of the gate, but neither does HoA.
This kind of a system also creats a more competitive air to your guild chat. I could see people comparing progress with pride, rather than just saying "oh yeah the next level is 2billion AP and it takes aggggeeesss"

Thats just what I would like to see. Anyone else got some cool ideas?

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