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Hello, my group and I have ran 3 Atal'Dazar that should be on the Sargeras top 10 last week, which is easily the top 100, the first 3 counted, but were depleted, then our 4th was in-time +15, but was not on last weeks leader boards, while we've completed multiple keys that are showing up on the leader boards since then. As a result to the in-time Atal'Dazar +15 we got a Motherload +16 wich shows on our record.

The run should have been Sargeras realm #2, so of course it was in the top 100, however we haven't received any credit for the run. I made a ticket and they said to post here and that GM's have no control over it, what would the max wait time be for a leader board to update, and if it never does update, how would one go about fixing this problem?
Rather frustrating to fail 3 times only to finally succeed on the 4th and be basically told it “didn’t count, never happened”. That’s a lot of time effort and consumables that we now have to burn through again because it “slipped through the cracks”
I have an issue as well on Sargeras. I completed a Tol Dagor +11 in approx 30 mins, and it should be appearing on top 100 right now for Sargeras, yet it is not there. However, I see it the same run I participated in appearing right now on (OC) Frostmourne, ranked #22 (11 - 00:30:47).

Why is my run not being recorded on Sargeras?
Can confirm Sargeras runs are not updating. Did a run 2 days ago that would have passed my 1200 IO mark but it still hasn't shown up, as well as other runs are not showing up.
Not just Sargeras this appears to be affecting every realm. RIP doing any M+ until this gets fixed.

Edit: Looking at the leaderboards for any realm show zero results from 10/4 beyond the countless runs that never showed up from 10/3.
Yeah happened to me on Kel'Thuzad on my 15 TOS
Same thing happened to me.

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