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Sylvanas rolled her eyes, “You know, I know you think that Perfectia might have motivated me to come and make this invitation to you and you would be half right.”
Anduin smiled, nodded slightly, and thought back, “She does have that effect on people, I think…”
Sylvanas shook her head at him, “Don’t.” She took a deep breath, “I don’t know what Genn told you what happen on the Broken Shores, but we were taking heavy casualties and some of our strongest leaders were falling under the Legions sheer numbers. We had to retreat, and I regret leaving your father there to die and I’m truly sorry for your loss.”
Anduin nodded slightly, “Thank you.” He said.
Sylvanas smiled slightly, “Point being; if we had had a victory that day or that he even survived that attack injured and I was made Warchief, I might have made this invitation to him. With our houses united we might have been able to bring down the Legion without the help of Illidan Stormrage. I also thought that maybe you would take up the throne and avenge your father’s death, that there could have been some sort of arrangement at least until you were of age, but do you know what my scouts told me?”
Anduin shrugged slightly.
“You were gone, you let your subordinates run your kingdom, and Genn was practically sitting on your throne. You couldn’t be found with Legion at your door step and your father’s killer running amok.” Sylvanas laughed, “You should have been there when Gul’Dan died, and you let adventures steal your glory, but I understood that you were too weak, to young,” she shrugged slightly, “and the Alliance was indeed helping with the Legions defeat. The body was headless, but it still proved useful. Then the Legion was defeated and Sargeras leaving his big parting gift, I finally had what I needed to kill the headless lion and his dog.”
Anduin nodded, “And that’s why you attacked Teldrassil.”
Sylvanas shook her head, “That wasn’t the only reason. Teldrassil was a two days ride away from Orgrimmar and collection of resources in those areas proved difficult with Night Elf Sentinels patrolling. Mostly though, it was personal, ever since I was a child the Kaldorei have always turned their noses up at my people. Like how our watered-down blood didn’t deserve the gifts of immortality and how we lost favor with the goddess Elune, but do you know what you call a god or goddess with no subordinates, worshippers, or believers?”
Anduin shrugged and shook his head.
“Nothing. That’s why I burned it, I wasn’t just destroying a home or a people or a culture or even a major Alliance compound, I was destroying a god! A god that had forsaken my people before I was even born! Now I didn’t want all the Night Elves gone, I let the Nightborne in my ranks because I knew what the sting of rejection feels like when you’re turned away from people you thought would embrace you like family. But they needed to know the meaning of humility and defeat, and an arrow will kill them just as easy as any other race on Azeroth, and if they can’t, it will be the reason for there extinction.” Sylvanas explained.
Your character must be a lot of fun to RP with if she knows Sylvanas personally. I'd like to meet her one day.
10/08/2018 07:35 AMPosted by Dinkleburg
Your character must be a lot of fun to RP with if she knows Sylvanas personally. I'd like to meet her one day.

(This is a completely different story that the one that is played in game, so I really don't RP with her. People get really angry when I try, so I've kind of given up on it.

If you send me a note of Deviant Art all send you a link to her story. )
*Tom squints his eyes, whispering the name “Dinkleburg” under his breath with a hint of anger.*

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