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Ghostlands and Kael'thas
Looking for a guild for my Alliance characters; so I need one that doesn't mind alts (or the fact I'm from the UK so times I'm on will be random). Currently I have three Allies I'm using for BFA, but it will go up to four at some point. Ignore the fact if it says I'm in a guild already; its just a personal one.

Anyways the type of guild I'm looking for is laid back and mature; I'm in my 30s so would like an adult-only guild if possible. I have raided at Heroic level before but don't think I'm that great at it, I sometimes PvP if I'm in the right mind-set at the time. Other than that I run old content a lot for transmog, mounts, pets etc.

My current active Ally characters are (all on Ghostlands);
Yiyyi - DH
Xyi - Pally (Still levelling.)
Uiyi - Warlock (Still levelling.)

And yes I still need to gear my DH.

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