Progression vs. Community - Why Not Both?

Guild Recruitment
<Ten Million Years> is a Horde guild on Emerald Dream.

Raid and Dungeon events scheduled Tues-Thursday 8:30-11:30 ish Central. Please review our materials online and see if we're a good fit for your goals in Azeroth:

We're building our team around 4 simple concepts:

1 - Raiding: A consistent team of folks who improve each other, do their best, and tackle new content with intelligence, talent, and style.

2 - Enjoying Battle for Azeroth: The concept for the expansion is exciting and we want to hit the Alliance where it hurts. For the Horde!

3 - Being kind people: We want to spend our time around people who do and say things that make everyone feel at home in Azeroth.

4 - Regional meetups (optional!): It would be fun if we could meet up with some of our guildies every so often. We're based in Oregon and Washington, especially Seattle and Portland.

Please get in touch with us:
  • by Battle Tag: Foundation#1169
  • by email:
  • online:
Or simply find us in game. Thanks!

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