As a casual player, I'm unsubbing with my friends and here is why

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I haven't decided yet if I'm going to unsubscribe or not, I'm still on the fence about it. But I definitely agree with a lot of the statements made in this thread. As far as points are concerned for buying gear, I definitely miss that. It felt so much better to have a solid gold you could work hord, like earning enough honor points or justice points to buy a certain piece of gear. That was definitely something that used to keep me going. But now that everything is streamlined, such as when you get certain rewards for PVP which is out of your hands, or controlled purely by R&G we can't really make those goals for our self anymore. All we can do is do the content cross our fingers and hope for the best.

I also definitely agree that doing a Mythic plus dungeon and not getting anything for our time and effort feel terrible. Especially if it happens multiple times in a row.

I know the current Talent system has been in the game for a while but I was never much of a fan of it, especially when it comes to leveling alts. The old talent tree system gave me something to work toward every level or two, getting that next Talent point and watching my character slowly progressing get stronger. But now we go 15 levels before we get anything really new. Except between the last several expansions, we go from level 100 to 120 without getting any new talents.

And I think that highlights the biggest issue of the current state of the game. Because of the way the systems have been changed, they keep taking away any specific goals that we can set for ourselves and then achieve ourselves through our own hard work as opposed to being less to the role of a dice. Or the goals are so few and far between it becomes of noxious to try to reach them.

I don't know I might just wait for classic to come out, and cross my fingers that they don't change too much about the original. It was hardly a perfect system but I would still say there were a lot of things about it I liked better then the current system.
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they can level up one of the 15 other races from 1 to 120. That' ll give them lots to do.

Sure, and if they release Dark Souls 4 and it ends up with little of interest to hold players attention and receives unfavorable reviews I could also tell someone to play through Dark Souls 1-3 and they will still have "plenty" to do.

Except thats asinine.
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You logged in 12 days ago.

09/29/2018 10:20 AMPosted by Nighdarke
You logged in 12 days ago.

Ah yeah I forgot I logged on that night, thought about playing for a couple minutes, but couldn't bring myself to play. My bad.

I logged on 12 days ago for about 10 minutes, and it had been over a week before that since I logged on. And I just can't seem to feel interested in playing any more.

There. Fixed it. Doesn't change the substance of my point. This expansion managed to snap 9 years of engagement on my part in what, less than 2 months?
Not to mention 10 years in and blizzard still can't get Professions right - I mean things like Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Tailoring were pretty much DoA the moment BFA launched - How do you seriously mess this up?

Again and again again its the same problem with professions.
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Not to mention 10 years in and blizzard still can't get Professions right - I mean things like Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Tailoring were pretty much DoA the moment BFA launched - How do you seriously mess this up?

Again and again again its the same problem with professions.

I used to love professions. But the gutting they have received and the way they work just isn't fun anymore.

I love wow. It makes me sad that I no longer enjoy it.
My VERY casual friends dislike this expac, too. Scaling of any kind isn’t fun for us because we play to relax, and feeling a bit more powerful in the world was fun.

Blizzard needs new team members who understand casual gamers. They could keep people subbed forever if they made content that appealed to both folks who play to relax and those who play to compete.
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It's not my job to make Blizzard's game fun for the majority. The fact remains that a majority aren't having fun when it comes to end-game and they can hit the design board to figure out why. All that I'm required to give; if anything, is feedback. Not a solution, that will likely fall upon deaf ears anyways.

Then you are part of the problem.

Be part of the solution.

Sorry to butt in, but this isn't trade chat, you aren't more sophisticated than anybody else in GD.
Yea I agree, game not looking good. I get to play so little now though I am still busy catching up w/ basic crap. I also enjoy PvP so I have endless content.
Blizzard isn't targeting players who will play their game. They want subscribers that will spend months logging in for 30mins to an hour a day, or every other day, to slowly soak up content that a more "hardcore" player could finish in weeks. It means they can spend less time creating raids/dungeons/quest lines. The MTX model doesn't work when you have to spend significant development time on content outside of cosmetics. Blizzard doesn't just want casuals, they want casuals that spend as little time in game, but spend the same amount or more money on the game. Those types of players also complain less, since they aren't exposed to as much content, which is just an extra bonus.

Emotional outbursts don’t equate to actionable feedback

In this entire thread, you repeat the same point over and over again as if you think you hold the more valid argument.

You don't, and no matter how many times you say it, you still won't.

When a company makes a game, it is not the community's responsibility to tell them how to make a game. If any of these companies have employees who actively play WoW, even if not all of them, a collection would have said "wow this stuff is pretty boring to be honest, we should let the dev team know" or "wow, this game is littered with bugs, we should voice those concerns" or "wow, coming off Legion, this expansion is not nearly as good" (for anyone interested, the employee is Owen Wilson). This is an echo of the majority of players right now.

I would argue that a small issue brought forth on the forum may reflect the sentiments of a small minority, however, the threads appearing on GD are a reflection of a very large player base.

Never have I seen my guild activity drop so quickly in an expansion from 50-60 members on at a time to 5-7 members.

The game is boring. That is enough of an explanation. Every feature they have released is boring. The rep grinds are boring. The Islands are boring. The Warfronts are boring, Azerite gear is boring. Grinding AP is boring. At the end of those grinds, you are met with boredom making you question why you even bothered.

I’m sorry , but it will take more than anecdotal information to enact real change.
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09/28/2018 09:20 PMPosted by Lokath

Then you are part of the problem.

Be part of the solution.

Sorry to butt in, but this isn't trade chat, you aren't more sophisticated than anybody else in GD.

I never claimed to be. However, there is a difference in whining and effecting real change.
Agreed OP, as someone who's considered "Hardcore" I've started to log in only on the two raid days and another time for a single +10 mythic+. I've lost interest in the RNG of the loot system, I'm completely unmotivated to grind for azerite since WQ's and Island expeditions are so mind numbingly boring.
No offense to the OP but your $14.99 monthly opinion doesn't matter they may tell you that your opinion matters but truthfully it doesn't to them you're just another statistic to them about why you've quit. Don't you worry Fork Knife is waiting for you they just started season 6!
Sorry that grinding isn't your thing. Maybe idk, get more people to fill out your class Armor slots so you can get what you want and be a ninja looter POS? Just have you and your frinds all play clothies, bam, you got what you wanted and leave your friends and then they leave you irl because you're a gimme gimme.
BfA is okay, I guess.
09/28/2018 11:56 PMPosted by Hegelmebby
They stopped trusting feedback in Cata when the players wanted harder 5 mans relative to the joke that was WotLK in the final year. They said "here, harder dungeons" and the players whined to high heaven. The argument can be made that the difficulty of the new dungeons was excessive, however it was the devs failing to put reasonable constraints on the content and not the fault of player feedback. Blizz and its ego is going to end us.

That's what happens when they choose to listen only to the feedback they want and ignoring the rest.

The idea that "the players" all have the same hivemind opinion and change with the winds is ridiculous.

They have changed the game to suit Ion's rather limited playstyle. He logs in to raid and that's it. He's designed a game that people like him won't feel the need to login to do other stuff, because when the game is engaging, people login to do other stuff.

So grats. You got a game that's neither engaging nor fun. The game is now perfect for people like to blame everything on "other people".
I hate how professions again are tied into PVP I would have thought the company would have learned from the mistake in Legion but no they go and do it again.
Plus it's a total mess and uninspiring to do.

Treasure achievements need to be Account Wide not each character If I can only have 1 toy from a loot box, why am I being required to loot it for each one of my alts? The Treasure of the Deep is a good example of this. For the amount of running around you need to do already it just makes no sense.
I'll say this:

I love the leveling, love it. What I DON'T love is the rep-gating for the War Campaign or for Allied Races.

I unlocked all the Legion ones last expansion, just did Dark Iron yesterday. Now I am working on Mag'Har, and on maxxing Proudmore and Zandalari reps so I can unlock THOSE when they are available.

BUT, the time for getting Honorbound (and until now, 7th Legion) takes time away I could be spending on alts. Once I clear a lot of WQs, I am tired and beginning to see BfA as a JOB, not a game.

I don't claim to know what the answer is, but, and it could well be my issue, until I get those reps complete, I'm not very enthused with leveling, which I DO enjoy, because I want to get those races unlocked, it's a hurdle to me.

Take it for what it's worth.
So many people think RNG is horrible but I like it. Sure you get disappointed often but when you score it’s super exciting getting an upgrade, or even multiple upgrades in a raid run! Or a titanforge wow! it’s also exciting when you win the roll and get the gear from the guy who didn’t need it, or whisper him and he gives it to you.

In comparison, FF14 (where OP came from), you buy most of your generic gear with tomes earned through various activities. You know exactly what piece your gonna buy and when you will buy it. Everyone has the same gear. There is a weekly lock out on tomes so you are extremely limited on purchases.

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