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i dont like Azerite Gear at ALLLLLLLLLLL
It's sort of a neat idea.

I like the tier system that allows you to choose traits and upgrade gear in various ways. The circular tier system looks really cool.


1) I have not completed a single piece above 305 before it has been replaced.
2) Usually in games, higher tier abilities are more powerful than lower tier abilities.
3) Procedural-RNG-content doesn't feel fulfilling, even if it takes 10x as long to code.
4) I appreciate that the theory is to put meaningful choices into the hands of the players. For some, the choices are so meaningful they feel they have to respec their gear twice daily.
5) The Heart of Azeroth feels like its controlled by the Devs, not by me. I bet the Heart of Azeroth will burn out at the end of the expansion.
6) The devs could have said, "We are still testing the waters, we don't want to go too far too fast, imagine a future with sets with adjustable traits."
My enjoyment of the game would literally go up if azerite was just straight up removed.
Awesome. like having different mini skill trees.

It's stupid and objectively goes against the whole policy of "encouraging players to enjoy their new gear straight away". I get a new piece of azerite gear, can i unlock it's traits? No. Why? Because of the stupid HoA. Level up HoA to unlock said traits. Great? Nope! Because I got a new piece of azerite gear with higher HoA requirements. The cycle repeats.

It sucks to get azerite gear. And it shouldn't. But it does. The whole system is a joke. Reddit has multiple threads on how to objectively make superior versions of azerite gear (e.g. Make them automatically switch spec specific traits whenever you switch specs on the fly. No locking players down into individual nodes. Keep them dynamically changing on the fly as the player requires like artifact weapons (which people actually liked). No more reforging etc.). Will Ion implement those changes? Unlikely.
Everything about it is bad.

All of the traits are boring and uninteresting.
The vast majority of traits are bad so you only have a few pieces you actually want.
Traits being tied to specific pieces of gear is pants on head retarded.

I would be perfectly fine if the entire system was just removed. Would honestly rather have secondary stats back on hat/shoulders/chest.

I really don't see a fix for the system that would be worthwhile. Just dump it now before it ruins the rest of the expansion.
considering i finally finally got a 370 +30ilvl upgrade Azerite piece in my weekly chest that's a ~600dps downgrade compared to my 340 id say the system qualify's as Hot Garbage.

only way i see the system being fixed is a complete overhaul.
scrap all the azerite armour slots completely. just remove them from the game.
turn the Heart of Azeroth neck into legion weapon 2.0. give it its own big talent tree with traits and skills ect.
put smaller mythic sets / offsets and Raid tier sets back in the game to replace the current azerite slots.
Terrible. Blizzard needs to address some glaring issues or this expansion will go down the tubes as one of the worst.
I hate it and have stopped caring.

The current dev group have made taking away QoL features so that we play for more hours into an art form.

The necklace grind is boring af. I’ve stopped caring and when I get a level it’s a surprise because I’ve badically forgotten the necklace exists.
It's not as good as the artifact weapon, but I am happy with it. Some of the traits are fun, and it's nice to have a continued sense of levelling.
10/02/2018 09:57 PMPosted by Aalo
Just wanting to see what people thought of Azerite gear so far?

It took "gold traits" from Legion and applied them to separate pieces of gear. (Not a copy/paste of gold traits, just the idea that they impact your performance and gameplay [sometimes].)

I don't like them because they lock class/spec gameplay behind non-permanent gear.

I don't think Azerite traits are a failure, I feel current implementation Azerite gear is a failure.
It's abysmal and bad.
not a fan.

I don't like the lack of secondary stats (the game feels bad with such low haste in particular).

Every new piece needs sims to determine whether it will be an upgrade or not as ilvl is mostly irrelevant in this case.

Chasing specific traits is a pain.

Needing multiple pieces/sets for different scenarios isn't fun.

One solution I've seen mentioned elsewhere is to move all traits directly into the neck and make the three azerite slots just regular gear pieces. Then, have the neck operate like glyphs of old, with three greater slots which affect dps, and three lesser slots that are defensives or other utility abilities. Then fill them with relics with one trait on each. Consider adding a final relic slot for the given raid tier/content type that would act like the laser matrix (and the other trait that escapes me).
10/02/2018 10:17 PMPosted by Metrohaha
Ya, as others have said, idea was amazing in theory but absolutely horribly executed. I'm confident the future will be bright for this system because I was able to really enjoy it on beta when they fell out of the sky.

Next patch will be a big moment for the system. If another raid comes out and we still have heavily limited selection it might be the nail in the coffin. But I'm optimistic that whatever they have in mind will be a good step towards righting the ship.

Really, we just need more acquisition options. If that was the case I would be 90 percent or so in love with the system.

Nice to see some fresh opinions from greens.

Indeed. Azerite Traits are way too limited right now.

I don't see the point of doing a lot of M+ for Azerite in particular, since they don't drop at all. M+ for me is more about trinkets and maybe some gear pieces with the correct secondary stats, which already limits my choices and even the desire to play more than one high key M+.

However, I like them way more than Legendaries on Legion, which was gaming breaking on some specs to a point some of them were useless. Azerite being not that huge of a change makes specs more easy to balance in the long run, so now they can start putting some juice in the formula and slowing increasing the pace.

Also, high ilvl equip now has two problems: Wrong traits and high Neck requirement. Its counter productive and right now we are seeing 30 ilvls+ still being subpair against low ilvl Azerites.

Overall I like the idea, I hate how limited our options are.
What I dislike is that the setup is just another example of player/time-metric manipulation. Another pushing of the envelope: how much will players tolerate.

This is why I play casually. It's easier to walk away when a break is needed (ie, I play less when the Vibe of Being Played is strong).
I find azerite armor confusing and underwhelming. I personally much preferred the RNG orange (legendary) armor from Legion.
10/02/2018 09:57 PMPosted by Aalo
Just wanting to see what people thought of Azerite gear so far?

It sucks. End of story.

  • The traits, even the OP ones, are not interesting just mild to moderate damage or utility boosts.
  • Despite being told that the gear could be targeted, it really can't.
  • Warfronts = 1 variety of gear.
    Heroic Dungeons = can be farmed but don't scale up to Warfront+ levels.
    Mythic+ = can be farmed but RNG behind RNG behind RNG 340 item level.
    Raids = can only be farmed once a week.

    If the traits aren't interesting and can't be reasonably farmed then there is no reason to farm Azerite to unlock them.

    That doesn't even address the fact that if you do get an item level upgrade you have to grind Azerite to unlock the boring traits.
    I don't like trait unlocking. I think the all traits should be available immediately and your neck level should give you points to increase the azerite armor item level.

    I don't like that mythic+ dungeons can't drop azerite armor. I haven't seen 1 azerite piece in my weekly chest for either of my characters.

    Uldir az armor just blows big time, mythic armor traits are way, way, way better than anything in uldir but I'm stuck with a voice if 340 armor with good traits it 355+ with mediocre traits.

    I understand Blizz wants raid az gear to be better. I'm ok with that and they should have done that by enabling both the generic tier 1 trait and spec trait. And the spec trait would auto switch if you changed specs. You only chose the tier 2 and 3 options.
    The entire Azarite system should have been part of the profession system from the start.
    3 traits.
    Gear traits for crafters to make into gear.
    10/03/2018 03:05 AMPosted by Sharaeline
    The entire Azarite system should have been part of the profession system from the start.
    3 traits.
    Gear traits for crafters to make into gear.

    Yeah, how about no?

    I'm not paying 125,000 gold for mediocre crafted traits so you can get rich quick.

    Traits should be scrapped entirely or baked in specializations. HoA should always be your highest item level piece of gear and continually creeping upwards. Possibly with a handful of relics with a minimum number of effects that can be reasonably obtained and slotted into the neck itself.

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