Does "repairing" still serve its purpose in-game?

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gold dump.
Just farm indestructible tertiary gear. Then nothing to worry about!
Taking in all the responses, I'm just happy I didn't get down voted to oblivion haha

I understand that there are a few ways to make quick cash (WQ's and selling mats to name a few) but something I noticed is that some items like food aren't staying at a competitive price due to lack of demand. There are so many systems in place that create an opportunity and prevent another. Basically, take Paleo meet for example. It trades for vendor price on the AH, I bet the reason for that is because it can be over farmed and is only needed in one recipe at 8 per.

I'm not saying I want repairs to go away, but give us new options to dodge them once in a while. Increase the guild repair discount, give us a couple items that can do it for free every 8 hours or something, or create demand for the easier items to get. I'm not desperatly afraid of going broke, just opening a conversation. I'm sure I'll nab a BoE in Uldir one day and refill the coffees, but right now repairs just feel so hard hitting with little to no return.
The amount of gold it takes to just pay for repairs and consumables for a week of raiding is pretty bad right now, I dedicate most of my play time to raiding so I don't have alot of time to go run around farming or scanning and sniping the AH.

If it starts to look like I will have to buy wow tokens just to be able to keep raiding im probably done with this dying old game.
It is one of the few remaining traditional gold sinks in the game. Considering the insane amount of money we made win WoD and Legion, gold sinks are something we need.
I'm glad heirlooms don't take durability damage.
It was needed back in the days when guilds would constantly wipe. It brought a sort of challenge not to wipe.

It's not needed anymore though since there's a strat seconds after the latest raid is released.
Transmogrifying has been a vast pain in my shallow wallet, not as much as repair, but it does still hurt my small and meager income.
Durability has always had a two fold purpose. The First Purpose was to be a money sink to help get Gold out of the Economy. This doesn't really do all that much, and outside of tanks complaining, hasn't really been a thing since at least WotLK, if not earlier.

The second part of the system is to force players to take breaks and return to quest hubs for repairs. You can see this in Icecrown Citadel, where they planned two quest hubs, one at the dungeons, and one inside the raid itself, for players to return to. This was to expedite the repair run, which got pretty long if you were doing Burning Crusade style questing.

The amount of time they expect you to run back and do repairs varies now days, and with everyone having the mounts that have mobile repair platforms, it's even less important now than it used to be.

But, yeah, this feature is about as useful as the Mana Bar. It probably could go away, and it wouldn't hurt anything. Although I do like the "You've been playing for 2-3 hours. Take a break!" reminder that busted equipment serve.

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