358 resto sham, looking to raid

Good morning,

Resto sham, 358 looking for a guild on proudmoore, transfering this character as we speak as my brother plays on the server and the guild I was in fell apart.

Wanting to play as much possible and eventually be dual speccing ele.

Unfortunately my work is shift work and have different days off each week, willing to put bosses when i cant make raid.
Hey Vantey, Paragons is currently recruiting raiders to fill our core group currently 3/8H, we are looking for all roles currently. Only thing we ask is to pull your own weight we do not carry. Raid times are Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm server time (11pm-2am est)We do have some that are floaters that miss certain raid days due to work just we ask for a heads up prior. Please add me btag Ardraidi#1569 or discord Blake#9369 for any questions or for a trial run/inv to guild.
Hey Vantey!

I'm looking for a Resto Shaman; hit me up when you get a chance and let's talk!

Discord (preferred): DJ#7415
Btag: DJRay87#1487
Hi Vantey, feel free to check out our recruitment post here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769467437#post-1

Not positive we're what you're looking for, but never hurts to try :) GL in your search!
hey dude Straight outta maelstrom is recruiting. feel free to add me on Btag if you want in Tidy#11430
Hello and welcome to Proudmoore!

Your Mommas a Horde is looking to boost our mythic raid team with dps (w/OS heals and tank a plus) and heals (resto shammy would be awesome).

we raid Fri/Sat 7:30-10:30p server (PST), currently 6/8H, 1M.

Here is our recruitment post too:

Please add me on Btag (Nibbs#11996) if this sounds like something you are interested in....
Hi Vantey,
I'm not sure if you ended up finding a guild or not, but Loli Waifu Death Squad is recruting a restoration shaman for our weekend raid. We raid Sat & Sun 6pm-9pm server time, we are 8/8N and 3/8H. We are casual, but we are still wanting to progress of course. We run mythic keystones through the week and other achievements and have a very social discord. If you are still looking and interested you can in game mail me or add my btag: Malice#11382
Hmm, I don't know what your looking for but this server has A LOT of different times for raids but if your looking for fri/sat night raiding and if your willing to multi role most of us play multiple specs depending on what is needed come check us out

[A] <UR Not My Real Dad> - Proudmoore

Looking to fill our growing raid team.

Our goal is to build a semi-hardcore raiding Guild that is fun and social. We are socially active on Discord and always up for helping people do their keys, weekly quests, WQs, or PvP. 6/8 H

Raid times: Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am PST

Looking for: Tank, Healers and Dps

Loot: Personal until further notice.

We also welcome any low level and those who prefer to remain casual.

If you think we would be a good fit for you and are interested in joining please feel free to add Deadlykitten#133756

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