Sunday Night Mythic Raid LFM (4/8M)

Team Mixed Signals is a one night a week mythic raiding team. We raid 4 hours of progression (with an additional 2 hour optional raid night, that isn’t used for progression- sale runs, mount/ achievement runs). This is not a casual raid team, but appeals to adult players that may only want to commit to 1-2 nights a week. We have consistently, for the past 4 tiers, gotten well into mythic progression and want to continue to do so. The ideal candidate will be 21+ in age and have previous mythic raiding xp. Please see below and send us a quick app if interested so we can contact you.

Raid Times: Sundays 7-11pm CT
optional non-progression raids Mondays 9-11pm CT
optional Team provided M+10+ keys Tuesdays at 9pm CT

Current Progression: 4/8M Uldir with AOTC

HIGH- Tank – Prot Paladin/ Blood DK (1)
HIGH- DPS – Non mage/warrior DPS (1-2)
HIGH- Heals – MW / Disc preferred (1)

Successful applicants will be 21+ in age and have current logs/progression to demonstrate their ability to raid mythic. We do require 90%+ attendance to Sunday raids, so make sure our times are solid for you before applying! Raid leads run the raid in a very straightforward and blunt, yet respectful, manner. Ability to take public criticism of your raid performance will be required, unless you are the embodiment of perfection, then don’t worry about it! :P

STILL need a tank!
Updated recruitment needs- looking for one amazing healer!!! and a couple solid dps
LF healer and dps!
Still looking - would love a WW or MW monk! Open to other classes
:) raid is coming!!!!
Need skilled dps/healers who want to raid mythic on a light schedule
Still looking for 3 more spots!
Cheers its the freakin weekend!
End of weekend bump
Still looking- able to trial dps with logs this weekend! in mythic
Happy Friday!
New boss and looking to expand our roster! app today if you want mythic prog on a lighter schedule

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