[H] 21+ N/H Raiding Guild LF DPS <US-Area 52>

Guild Recruitment
<Standard Dragon Protocol> (SDP) Area 52

Who We Are:
Standard Dragon Protocol is a mature heroic raiding guild based around a friendly and active environment. Most of us are experienced heroic and mythic raiders but we are more than happy to accept new players so long as they are willing to listen and learn. Our discord is very active and we allow people to play what they want not just the flavor of the month. We try and base our raiding schedule around an active adult life while still leaving enough in game time to make heroic progression. Being that we are a mature guild we do not tolerate any sort of hate and will handle any issues swiftly.

What We Are Looking For:
  • Any number of DPS (melee preferred but will still take ranged)

We accept players of all experience levels from mythic raiding, to returning players, to brand new players. We will never force you to play a class or spec you don't want to play.

Our Raiding Schedule:
We raid on Tuesdays at 8PM - 10PM and Sundays 7PM - 10PM Server Time (EST). If it is needed, we have implemented a flex day in the past to get that extra time to push past a difficult encounter. Any sort of flex day will be fit around as many raid member's schedules as possible to try and include as many people as we can.

What We Expect:
We want our members to show up on time, but we do understand that this isn't always possible and will never punish you so long as you're being honest. Take time to understand your class and mechanics so we can have a smooth raiding experience. Don't be afraid to ask questions; if you don't understand how a certain mechanic works or why your dps isn't where it could be don't hesitate to ask. We have plenty of experienced players willing to answer your questions and point you to the right resources.

Contact Information:
If you want to join or have any questions, please message any of the following

  • Atrayu - Guild Master/Raid Leader
    • Bnet: Atrayu#1150
    • Discord: Etrayu#0387
  • Lunashae - Officer
    • Bnet: Shaeded#1361
    • Discord:Shae, ThePixelatedTwix#8573
  • Thorzhen - Officer/Alternate Raid Lead
    • Bnet: Bitterguy#1521
    • Discord: Bitterguy#4119
  • Wampage – Officer/Healing Lead
    • Discord: Dramallama, Prince of Passion#4825

If none of us are available feel free to message any guild officer about joining or with any questions you may have.

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