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Hi. I am Brayole. I run a raiding guild on WRA. I've worked hard, with my friends, to build this guild into something we love. We raid heroic and are trying to raid mythic. Our success feels good, and our failures make us work harder as a team to rise to challenges. I have played this game since a month after launch and I can honestly say I've never felt this close to my in game friends. I even moved to another state to be able to be RL friends with some guildies for a while, and while they're not the entire reason I chose to move, they were a big factor in the decision.

We built the guild up from 4 players to field a 10 man raid team at the start of legion, we were previously an RP guild, but after the WoD death of wow, we decided to go in a new direction. I took over after Nightwell basically killed our guild. I was tasked to rebuilding. I utilized my friends in the guild, and reached out to old raiding buddies from Burning crusade, as well as family. Now we have a guild that sticks. I generally love to raid. I love to do mythic + and I love to have other like minded friends to play with.

But.. Why do I want to quit?

I'm not quitting, I've worked to hard to get here and the future has promise for us. But man, I really... REALLY want to. Aside from this game being a time sink for the last 14ish years, its starting to feel like the game works against me. Legion felt like such a stellar experience, but now raid night has become a battle of bugs..
I like wiping on bosses for hours, it makes the kill alot more worth it, but I hate sitting waiting to pull and players needing to relog to fix a bug, then log in on other characters because they can't log in on their main. Then another player has to relog because the bug hit them...
I'm tired of trash pulling from across the room, for no actual reason.
Then theres Heart of Azeroth gear.
I found my self thinking "just hold out.. it gets better."
But does it?
I mean think of all the things that the player base cried out against, LFR (first iteration), Garrison Command table, etc.
What happens to those "features"? They eventually become irrelevant enough, but stay in the game. Now I'm not here to claim that either of those are bad for the game, what I'm getting at is, this.. heart of azeroth system likely isn't going anywhere, it'll get rebranded slightly each expansion and eventually just get to the point where its irrelevant.. or can it?
I mean it is a form of character progression, and it IS attached to gear. So can it actually become as irrelevant as the command table? which only really exists so that the App gets downloads.
I get wanting system that works and provides the kind of feeling that artifact weapons did for many. But then why fix what isn't broken? You want to take it off weapons, cool. Want to put it on neck but then you worry about the appearance part? dawg theres plenty you can do. Put an aura around your character, or wings or a halo or turn your skin different colors or textures like there is so much more you can do when its not actually tied to a piece of gear appearance wise, which the neck is not. And it could provide that stable progression that people seem to enjoy..

This is expansion was released before it was ready. Thats without debate. Worse yet, everyone knew. It was all over the beta forums. Yet here it is. One of the most, if not the most, incomplete product blizzard has ever released as a company, and I paid $80 for it, like a chump. I guess I'm a sucker. Habitual by nature, and now that I have a social base in this game I guess I will remain a sucker. Luckily most of my in game friends are steam friends now, but I still don't wanna say goodbye to the guy I only talk to once a week when he does his weekly crap. He's my friend too. It's just... frustrating. REALLY frustrating. I am coming to hate this game, but I can't bring myself to stop playing.

I guess this is for anyone that may feel similarly. Like that title says, just venting a bit.
my $15 will be in your bank account on the usual day blizz.
You’ll get the usual “can I have your gold when you quit?!”

Their ranks are dying fast. No need to worry.
I hope you can find a reason to stay other than loyalty to your guild. This might sound trite but maybe you can try some content you haven't yet? Mix it up? Do some RP again?

Anyway, just wanted you to know that someone listened.
10/04/2018 08:58 PMPosted by Solarwynds
I hope you can find a reason to stay other than loyalty to your guild. This might sound trite but maybe you can try some content you haven't yet? Mix it up? Do some RP again?

Anyway, just wanted you to know that someone listened.

thanks man ^.^
You may discover they want to quit too. Find a way to stay in touch out of this game, and go. Come back later if it improves. But to stay when you don't want to makes no sense. You'll grow to hate the game even more and become angry and resentful.
I've thought of quitting a few times, since as a roleplayer myself, I haven't been happy with the story. I stay for my guild and the communities I've run, I love the game too much to quit. But the frustration is understanding. I'm not the biggest fan of Azerite gear. I do miss the artifact weapons, and the very neat appearances to collect. It might just be me, but I really had fun. Legion was one of my favorite expansions, likely my all time favorite. But this faction war does seem forced.

I haven't had the time to do what I love lately, which is RP, plot plan, and build stories. Neither that NOR actual content (the raid doesn't interest me, and M+ is fine but sometimes the affix mixes are rough as hell and stressful for PuGing.). I'm sticking through it for the story and aspect that I could get something very fun and neat when it comes to Allied Races.

I do recommend trying to do some DnD style RP with your guild maybe, if you do look into the zone lore at least and like it. I don't know if RP is your thing, but you are on a roleplay server, one of the biggest right now. It can be rich and really fun if you find the right people and places. But if it is NOT your thing, perhaps a break might be due. You're going to get major burnout if you force yourself to continue and be miserable. I've almost reached that point a number of times lately, and I hate to say it, but that includes with roleplay too. Luckily I've recovered from that, I just don't have the time. But yeah--sticking with it for your guild is a noble thing to do. I did and do the same thing. But it isn't the worst thing in the world to ask someone you trust to look after things for a while and take a break, or even consider breaking it off for a longer period of time.
The social aspect of this game is the single most important aspect of the game and the only reason the solo artists have a game to loiter in at all.

But when the game is SO bad that the people with the proper priorities in an MMO get discouraged... It hurts my nerdy little soul.

Sorry you're having a rough go at it... all you can really do is hold on and hope the devs come to some kind of epiphany and reroute the terrible direction the game is headed.
Feel for you Brayole, you not the only one i too struggle with this should i go or stay with all that going on in wow today.Call me stubborn but i'm staying to hold the guild in hope that it would be better.
Your responses are comforting. I appreciate the support, and advice. I think maybe switching roles could reinvigorate my approach. In the end its really only a stall tactic, but maybe a stall tactic will be all I need in the end (pls). I've been a tank for so long, it could be fun to relearn mechanics from a new perspective.

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