Crazy lag in Drustvar

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Solid 1 sec delay on all abilities in Drustvar, everyone in gen chat saying the same thing. Someone mentioned a group farming a WQ, but I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary, and I can't imagine something like that affecting an entire zone.

What is going on with Drustvar?
The only thing I see is a group farming the 'This Bird You Cannot Change' WQ in Corlain. Group has a black ox statue constantly pulling an infinite spawn of guards that they are farming.

I can't imagine this causing all this lag, but my fps (which is usually about 90) tanks all the way to 15 fps when I get close.
I had this too. Nice to know what caused it. The strangest part is that the "phase" I was in, I couldnt even see this farm group, or anyone else. It was me alone with the ~4 NPCs there and yet still 20 fps. I thought I seen a black ox statue there as I approached though.

I would relog, have normal fps for about 5 seconds and then it would slowly go down to 20 again. Tried lowering my settings all the way to the minimum, no change - makes no sense.

It is one thing to get bogged down if I use LFG and get put on the west coast / oceanic, but playing solo on a low pop realm should not give me lag because of people I cant even see :(
This is still an issue, I had to give up trying to quest in this zone today. Obviously something is going on. The past few days all I see in general chat were complaints about it as well.
I was fine at 75 fps. Until i arrived to the WQ that you mentioned.. Then HELLO 15 FPS! And doing that wq was near imposible... i was at combat 100% of the time with the constant respawns... and the low fps... this is a new thing. I've done that quest before and had never been this bad. And is only that small area. As soon as i move a few feet away from the WQ area, my fps jumps back up and everything looks normal....
Just tell me which NPC I need to click to turn in this week's mats, so we can buy a new server for drustvar and send the lag back to the barrens for seven days.
Happening right now as I type this. Gradually getting worse as I go along. Gonna get out of this zone and see if it improves or not. Did notice I dont have this problem later at night though.
Horribe Lag in Drustvar, cant loot anything and WQ's completing 2 mins after I did it!
I'm having the same issues. Drustvar is extremely laggy all over and Corlain Aviary drops my FPS to 15. As soon as I leave that area though, back up to 80+ no problem.
As soon as I leave Drustvar all is good. Maybe reset tomorrow?
Ditto on the lag. I normally have low frame rate, but it was abysmal this time. It's not just frame rate, though. I was seeing spikes in latency up to ~1,000ms. The blizzard indicators weren't registering the latency; world and home seemed to be at normal levels. However, looting and casting were very slow. Quartz (cast bar addon) was how I was able to see latency numbers.
Yea, Drustvar is virtually unplayable at the moment on AP. Pauses for several seconds and then I'm surrounded by mobs.

EDIT: There's so much lag that my Flight Master's Whistle isn't working. Bird comes down to pick me up, screen goes black for about two minutes, comes back and I'm still where I used it with it being on CD.
Seems to be getting worse instead of better. :\ When I logged on it was about a 1 second lag, now I'm up to ~5 seconds. Ping is great though, lol.
Can confirm. Fix it pls...
Currently lagging like crazy on Dawnbringer server in Drustvar.
Hey guys!

Thanks for your reports of this lag in Drustvar! We currently have an open investigation on it, though we only just got enough reports and reproductions to kick it off. We don't have an estimate on how quickly we'll have this resolved, but we'll update this once its been taken care of.

In the mean time, could we get everyone experiencing this issue to report what realm they're playing on?

Just leveling, not doing WQs. On Kel'thuzad
I experienced the horrible lag as well. I reset my router as I thought it might be me...nope. I'm at the same area and it appears there is a huge group up farming by the falcon area.

Edit: It looks like the entire zone is laggy but the area described above is unplayable. I'm getting vendor lag, input lag etc in all of Drustvar.
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