Why is Blizzard discouraging Alliance WPVP?

War Mode and World PvP
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LOL. Glad I have hated PvP since BC. If it's not balance then it's this kind of drama.
You can get some decent lag on a 40v40 isle of conquest when both sides are duking it out for the flag at mid.

You really think they are gonna allow a 120 person raid and the lag that follows in a main hun and starting area?

Awesome on the Alliances part organizing this though.
11/14/2018 08:18 AMPosted by Beefknight
Awesome on the Alliances part organizing this though.

I think the massive desire for Alliance players to get out there and fight is present. We just got to keep organizing battles and take the fight as much as we can even if we lose.

I feel some people look at it and say, 'Well if I flag up I'm just gonna die.' Yea, but more and more will continue to come and fight though.

Just this morning doing the Azerite WQ (big 'surprise' inc), there were a crap ton of Horde just tapdancing in the tunnel (you know which one) and after we got done fighting Horde on the outside, the ones in the tunnel came out.

It was such a daunting and hard task, but despite that, we kept fighting. We fought tooth and nail and eventually triumphed. At least long enough to do the WQ x.x;

I'll take that victory.
What’s the decision? People keep paying and expect to changes? Legion was a great xpac for money income, BFA is the fastest sold xpac...
And do you really still think Blizz are gonna do anything with raising income?

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