preferential treatment on professions

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"preferential treatment on professions " ?....nah blizz would no do that ~sigh~ ....
i realy love the game and play it allmost dayly bur i am a Jeweler and it seems that some of the professions have things you can build that others can use we "Jewelers"
can not even make sockets like we once where able to ~sigh~ it is sad and now i am thinking of letting go wow the game is no longer fun and it feels that there is realy a big feeling of preferential treatment not just for professions but also for classes but that is a nother post for another conversation .. if some one reads this at wow yay but ist realy seems no one will or if thy do take it with a grain of "SALT" gone is the time where thy did rad posts but now thy put it out there and ~clearing thought~ do not care /give a damn and do what there going to do any ways much has been take away fomr us gamers that made the game fun .....
i will be reading all posts on Wednesday nights every two weeks so you know i will be reading them :D nothing like posting and never getting a reply back please let me know what your thinking and your ideas please ?

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