[H] The Nightmen 7/8H LF Late Night Raiders

Bronzebeard and Shandris
[H] The Nightmen [H] Area 52

A few changes since we started The Nightmen, we are now looking for SERIOUS DPS/RDPS. We are closed out to classes/specs but continue to welcome any active player who eventually wants to raid.

We are THE NIGHTMEN, (Yes, from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”). We are up and coming but serious when it comes to game progression. We are currently looking for specific class/spec to add to our core team. This does not mean that we are turning down any interested parties who know their class/spec and can DPS.

All BS aside here is the breakdown:

Current Raid Times/Progress Report:

-Tues/Wed 11:59pm-3:00am Server Time (9PM-12AM PST)
-Be Online/Discord 10-15mins prior to start time

-8/8N, 7/8H, Mythic is next
-Guild Run Mythic+ scheduled on Calendar Thur-Mon (Optional)

Communication Requirement/Other Info.

-We use Discord for communication
-We utilize Google docs to guide our members to see the big picture on what they need to improve and it helps officers/GM to assist with Mythic+ runs, etc for gear.
-All Raid nights are logged.

Who are we recruiting:

-We are recruiting anyone who wants to be part of an active guild and invite anyone to kick it in our general channel or to get involved in certain duties for game progression, etc. As mentioned above we do not turn down anyone who knows their role and can prove themselves in the DPS charts.

For our serious members for H Raids/Mythic, I will need the following:
-Tanks: Closed (contact for more info.)
-Healers: Closed (contact for more info.)
-MDPS: Rogue, Monk, Warrior, Demon Hunter
-RDPS: 1 Mages, 1 Warlocks, 1 Hunter,

-Additionally, We do require all players to know the fights or have an understanding. It is easy to watch a quick video or utilize our discord under sections titled “Fights”.

We are ACTIVE/FUN group of people. We kick it on Discord, Create events on the calendar and encourage players to get involved and have a good time. This is a time to get away from the stresses of life and have a good time because this game is meant to be enjoyable and no reason to run solo with a guild who is full of inactive players who do not welcome new members. So lets roll baby!!! Hit us up on here or contact me in game.

GM: Anti#1430 or you can reach out to Tigerclaw88#1980 or Kostadine#1413

Krayons, Enkazil, Kostadine or Wuzhibugong

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