"The team is happy with how War Mode turned out"

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Personally I never saw anything wrong with being in a PVP realm. I did it on purpose. I would just like to see sharding a little more tight on the equal numbers. I am constantly outnumbered on my Alliance about 3:1 usually. On my Horde character on Kil'jaeden I just rarely ever seen alliance. Does not feel like a happy medium.

I mean I play both and have almost an identical experience on both sides.

You play rogue on alliance too? Because then you have Warmode easy mode, my experience with Warmode have been waiting to 6 groups of 5 horde players to finish a World Quest only so I could start doing the world quest only to be ganked by another group of hordies.

So you are angry that you switched WM on and wanted to focus on finishing quests instead of pvp. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Cool cool cool cool cool cool
10/12/2018 10:18 AMPosted by Virus
Ion is horde, he surrounds himself with other horde players, i cant see how they wouldn't be happy with how it turned out lol

LMAO so true. If Ion was alliance there wouldnt be !@#$ all for incentives to turn it on. No xp boost no extra resources or ap.

But ya know...its not biased at all. Its not like Blizzard knows every PVP realm before BFA was horde dominant...its not like they knew the majority of PvP players are horde ...or that queue times for BGs are 5x as long for horde

...OH wait..they knew ALL of that.

I'm pretty disappointed. I am not happy with how hard everything's being sharded right now. I signed up to be on Emerald Dream. Why is it natural now for me to see countless other servers? This is just dumb.
The devs, who all play horde, are happy with warmode, that overwhelmingly benefits the horde...


In other news, water is wet
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10/12/2018 10:17 AMPosted by Snowfox
Argument by analogy... isn't great.

Lots of players like warmode.

98% of them are horde that do....

Since everyone here has no idea what the truth is I'm going to join in.

Warmode is a social experiment designed to study <redacted> and the interrelationships between <redacted> and <redacted> as they affect the overall <redacted>. Phase 1 of the study is nearly complete.
Warmode is great, what's not to like?
Remove the PvE bonuses completely. If that bothers you, then you enjoy Warmode for the wrong reason. You shouldn't be "compensated" if you happen to run into PvP. PvP should be the reason you enable it, not because you get bonuses due to "inconvenience". There is no reason there should be PvE bonuses for a PvP mode. The benefits of enabling Warmode (You GET to PvP and use PvP talents in the world) should be enough.
I mean I love WM. Means I don't have to be outnumbered 4 to 1 in any CRZ I get sharted into. Leveled first toon night of releases with it on. Turned it off at 120 and haven't looked back. Thanks Blizz!

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